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Released: 2003
Notes: RelishXXX
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Ashley Long plays an investigative reporter on the trail of the Gomorrah Club, a modern-day Hellfire Club, where the rich and famous go to indulge themselves.

Ashley is introduced blindfold which, when removed, reveals a sumptuous location with many men and women enjoying drinks and intimate contacts.

This is an impressive start, with director Hazza B'Gunne marshalling his cast well. This scene, like most of the film, is well lit by current Britporn standards giving the subdued atmosphere of the club but still enabling us to see the action clearly.

Most of the cast are drinking, chatting and groping when Brett Tracey is brought in naked and blindfolded. Cheryl seizes her chance at an initiation and takes Brett off to another room where they have sex on one of the club's many black leather sofas. After a little while the club's master of ceremonies enters with a busty girl in a red dress (uncredited), the new pair grope a bit and the girl takes her dress off leaving just her pants, but doesn't get involved with the fucking pair.

This casual voyeurism is a theme throughout the film and one which I found very erotic. The scene ends with a facial.

Meanwhile Ashley wanders around the club and finds a bedroom in which Guy with masked Kat and Lucy are cavorting on the bed. Reluctant to join in she is invited to watch and a very exciting three-way ensues. The action has a real urgency as the participants undress slowly and only as the sex progresses. Bodies seem always closely pressed together, particularly as Lucy lies on top of Kat and Guy casually swaps his cock between the adjacent pussies.

The club's MC has Sasha in another room and she is begging for cock, instead he introduces Capri and leaves the girls to get on with each other. This is an unconvincing scene. Much more could have been made of gg action as part of other scenes. The girls use dildos on each other.

In the main room, Demetri and Donna are getting frisky, Ashley has returned and, now sipping champagne, is watching the pair. Two other girls (uncredited) are also getting into each other on the couch alongside. Demetri has taken his dj off but Donna is still fully dressed (well, just dress and knickers but that's all any girl is wearing) so she just pulls her pants aside and straddles him. Once again the sex here has an urgency heightened by the non-participants and includes anal concluding with Demetri cumming over Donna's bum.

The MC invites Ashley to have sex, but she decides to leave. Up to this point I found the narrative convincing and easy to follow, but the scriptwriter now seems to lose the plot. Ashley is following a dishevelled Mark Sloane along the dark streets when they find Steve Hooper. Mark, in a dinner jacket, could be a club member, but he abuses the begging Steve. Ashley has other ideas and takes him home where Mark is also there, both guys wearing exotic face masks as worn in the club. A fairly brief threeway, which includes a dp and double facial, follows in a brightly lit flat. This whole scene seems out of place in a film which is otherwise first class.

The production values that the Relish team bring to their work are very high. The styling, music, sound and dialogue are improving all the time and it is very pleasing to find out that some of our favourite porn performers can carry a little dialogue too. Certainly this is one of the best Relish films to date, which I would wholeheartedly recommend, although to the production team I would say: excellent, could do better.

Review by Bayleaf

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