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Released: 2000
Alternate Titles
  • Tales of Sex
  • Tanya Hansen's Geile Erlebnisse
  • Tanya Hansen's Tales of Sex
Notes and Reviews

DVD German only

Starring Katie Ann Day, Tanya Hansen, Donna Maria (Donna Richardson), Rebecca Lee, Sarah Love (Carissa Brown) and Barbie (familiar freckled blonde).

This seems like a hardcore version of Katie's Fantasies, the Adult Channel programme (same theme, same star, same car on the same roads), though I couldn't say if they are the identical scenes from that series.

Katie Ann drives down a country road in England and up to a house. She goes inside and goes upstairs, disrobing as she goes. Takes a shower - masturbation. Goes to bed but wakes in the night thinking she has heard a noise in the attic. Goes up into the loft to look and finds a book which she begins to read. We see the stories enacted.

  • Tanya Hansen sits on a dildo while giving head to a man at her side. She is then fucked, including anal, and takes the cum on her tits and tongue.
  • Carissa Brown walks outdoors (in Spain?) with Johnny X and they stop to kiss and caress. Indoors she gives him a bj and they fuck, at first standing from behind, and then lying down in the missionary position. Partial facial.
  • Donna Richardson and Karl on the couch, anal, cumshot over her body.
  • Barbie, a freckled slightly older blonde, and Bob, sex to facial.
  • Katie-Ann and Rebecca Lee lesbian action using dildos, including a double-ender.

The direction (Nathan Day) and camera work (Shaun Mellor) are much better than in Liquid Sex.

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