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Released: 2004
Director: George Kingsbury
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

On the face of it a three hour DVD with 18 scenes sounds like a good deal. However, this is just a three girl film with only Janca and Jennifer doing bg; mainly with Tony Uttley, although Pascal has a scene with Jennifer. Less than a third are genuine video scenes: three bg, one gg and one solo from the lovely new Belfast born Emma. By proper video I mean one shot without the incessant flash and stage directions from photographer John Mason and a proper money shot conclusion. John never wastes an orgasm on a stills shoot.

So we have a short 70 minute programme with nearly two hours of 'extras'. Statiscally Jennifer gets shagged by Pascal 3 times, by Tony 3 times, Janca takes Tony 3 times and there's two scenes with Janca and Jennifer, three with Janca and Emma. Each girl does a solo photoshoot plus Emma's solo video where she talks to the camera in an engaging way.

Interesting if only to see how long it takes John to shoot a set of stills for a website (around four minutes solo, 15 minutes bg). No mention or sight of producer/director George Kingsbury which suggests this may be John's 'Alan Smithey". This DVD is really not worth buying. There's much good stuff by Jennifer and Janca elsewhere, but I'm hoping that Emma will do some bg soon. Now that will be worth watching.

Review by Bayleaf

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