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Released: 2004
Director: Mark O'Brien
Notes: Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

Dive in the Dark productions. Produced and Directed by Mark O'Brien, edited by Mark O'Brien and Long John. Ruder Britannia catalogue No RBUS028.

Themes: Rough sex, gagging, drooling blowjobs, choking, anal sex. The cover says "Banned in the UK".

DVD and initial menu has a French blonde called Missy who I've found only in Omar's Amazing Triumphs: London Cunt Hunt.

Anna Smith licks pussy of Claire Brown on a red sofa. Claire takes the full length of the stud's uncut cock. Anna uses a patterned dildo on Claire. Anna in fur-lined purple bra gets her pussy licked and fingered by Claire. Claire on her knees having her pussy stroked by Anna gags slightly on deep throating the stud. The girls swap positions and Anna gags with more drool and gagging noise. Claire, with beautiful blue green eyes, gags deeper with watering eyes - she runs out of breath and spits out lots of drool. Breathless breath restricting drool inducing deep throat jobs is a speciality of Max Hardcore. Claire copes with the gagging and gets a full mouth of sperm which she swallows.

Initial chat and tease from Georgette Neal on red sofa. She looks gorgeous as she shows us her arse and fingers her pussy. She deep throats a pink realistic cock and balls dildo then puts it in her vagina. She goes to the floor and deep throats the stud with the dildo still up her. Georgette gags a little while the stud moves in and out of her mouth. Georgette nibbles his balls and then gets a mouth full of spunk. The stud then moves some of the spilt seed back into Georgette's mouth and thanks her.

On a leopard patterned sofa Jamie Woods, wearing black tights, black top and a red tartan skirt, inserts 2 fingers in her anus. (A minor irritation - 'Dive In the Dark' logo appears in the bottom right). Most of the anal stimulation is filmed too far away to be certain at what she is doing as she makes the right moaning noises. Jamie sucks the penis of the camera operator. She gags quite loudly, almost spewing. Stud tries to go up the arse of Jamie. The stud's cock is rather like a soft sponge. Jamie still manages to spit/spew into a white bowl. Jamie gapes her arse after being sodomized. Jamie makes some terrible retching sounds, while her streaming eyes have her mascara smearing. Jamie does a breathless deepthroat eyeball rolling choking scene. Jamie asks to be gagged again. The stud places a full load of sperm on her tongue which she swallows.

On a bed, wearing black fishnets, Jenny Loveitt does a drooling deepthroat blow job. Stud drools and spits, at the invitation of Jenny, on her face. Stud has trouble going up the arse of the mature bent over Jenny. Nice shot of Jenny with 2 fingers up her anus. Jenny then uses a beaded dildo. The length of 7 beads has gone up her arse and she slowly pulls it out then puts the beaded dildo in her mouth, she manages about 5 beads there. Amazing scene as Jenny looks straight to camera as bearded stud licks her pussy. He licks and puts his thumbs up her arse as she starts to orgasm. Jenny also rubs her pussy as she makes a long whining noise then jerks her body. An orgasm. Jenny then chokes on some deepthroat cock. She spits and drools into the studs mouth. Jenny on her stomach holding her bent legs deep throats again. She makes bubbling sounds as she drools over his cock. She chokes and drools again. Mutual spitting then Jenny deepthroats and drools with wide mascara smeared eyes. After shagging her up the bottom the stud takes it to her mouth for a deepthroat. Stud slaps her face with his cock. While having anal sex the stud drools some water he's just drank in Jenny's mouth, spits and then puts his fingers in her mouth, gently kisses her. Claire the camera operator says "5 minutes of tape left". After some strokes in Jenny's arse she takes it in her mouth. "We've got a battery sign here as well". Fade to black. Claire Brown seemed to be camera operator.

Missy, naked on the red sofa, gives us some anal tease. All the dialogue is in French. She does a drooling bubble filled saliva gagging blowjob. The stud keeps her head down as she drools bubbling saliva. Laying on her back, the stud tries to fill her mouth with sperm but Missy tilts her mouth as the sperm lands on her tongue.

On a blue sofa (the red sofa with a blue covering), Sarah Beattie (here as Stephanie) looks gorgeous in her tights and bra. She puts in 3 or 4 fingers and then a pink dildo. She puts 2 fingers in her arsehole while stroking with the dildo. She almost puts 4 fingers in and stretches her arsehole. Amazingly she put the big dildo up her arse. With beautiful staring grey green eyes, Sarah gags on the stud's cock. She gets lightly slapped around the face and does some long deep breath holding deepthroats. There is some throat fucking mixed with breath defying gagging. Sarah tilts her head back and the stud gets most of his spunk on her tongue.

On a deeper red sofa is a naked Alicia Rhodes. Chat, tease, anal fingering. Silver dildo in vagina and anal fingering. Deepthroat gagging with retching sound choking blow jobs with drool. Alicia lays down and gets sperm on tongue which she oozes out and spreads with her finger.

Lots of throat gargle type sounds as Simone-Claire gags on cock. Thrusting in the mouth as she plays with her pussy. Stud drools over Simone-Claire as she deepthroats him. Stud comes on her tongue and around her lips. She deepthroats and gargles with his cock. Cum shot repeated from 2nd angle.

The end.

There seem to be 2 versions of the cover for Gulp Fiction. The first has "Ass to Mouth, Pissing, Bitch Slapping, No Vaginal" while the second has "All English Girls, Rough Blow Jobs, Ass to Mouth, No Vaginal, Bitch Slapping". The covers don't show Jenny Loveitt.

Review by Joe King

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