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Released: 2004
Director: Anna Span
Notes: Rude Britannia Royale
Alternate Titles
  • Anna Span - Good Service
Notes and Reviews

Five short films from Anna Span on the subject of service. And each of the original services is a damn sight more intimate by the end of each film.

Head to Toe Service

While she's having her hair done, Taylor asks stylist Tony if Pete is free to do her bikini line. While Tony works, Taylor strips to her bra while Pete (le Meat) shaves her legs then her fanny. Stylist Tony withdraws when Pete buries his face in Taylor's pussy and there's no stopping the pair when Pete unzips his meat and fucks Taylor in the chair face to face and doggy. Eventually Pete pulls out and cums over Taylor's bum and cleans up with his cut-throat razor and a tissue. Nice, authentic scene, right down to a second client reading her magazine alongside throughout the action. I expect she'll be wanting some of the same service too.

Christmas Dinner Service

Tony de Serghio is enjoying Christmas Eve dinner at home with friends Gavin, Pete and Kate. Sarah Nice has been hired to serve the meal, but Tony is the only diner up for Sarah's brandy butter dessert, which has to be licked from her pussy. While the other guests continue to converse, Sarah strips to her black bra and hold-ups for dessert. After licking her pussy at the table, Tony removes Sarah to the sofa where he strips, fucks her face to face and in spoons, while his guests continue to talk with only the occasional glance in the fucking couple's direction. The scene ends with Tony coming over Sarah's pussy.

Personal Beauty Service

Karen Wood/Leigh and Ebony call at the home of their flustered client Georgina Smith. A calming massage is just what she needs, so Georgina removes all her clothes and lies on the girls' portable massage table. As Ebony cleanses her face Karen goes to work on Georgina's thighs and when both girls have oiled her all over they leave Georgina to soak while they remove their own white coats for action. Slowly the girls white underwear is removed as they kiss and caress each other, which leads on to dildos in both pussies. Returning to their client, Ebony and Karen conclude with a much more intimate massage.

In For a Service

Kat checks in at the garage to see how the boys are getting on with her MR2. Unfortunately it looks like a long job if the younger mechanic is to be believed, but the older guy, Mark Stevens, knows how to get things going quickly enough. So after a cup of tea he has Kat stripped down to her bra and hold-ups in a corner of the workshop and, after some mutual oral sex, lifts her onto the bench and fucks her face to face then again on the bonnet of the car. During this time the other mechanic plays with himself. Scene ends with massive facial.

World Class Service

American lad Shane drops in at his local travel agents for a last minute bargain. Manager Amanda Pickering and her assistant Sasha Paris make a few suggestions for destinations which they illustrate. Sasha shows Shane (her) Brest, Amanda her Labia Majorca and Menorca and both girls would like to see Shane's Kracow. As the jokes wear as thin as a pornstar's panties the girls give Shane a tour of their bodies, slowly stripping out of their uniforms and finding a small gold vibrator to finish the job. Shane promises to return when he's made up his mind.

Anna makes porn shorts with a lot of style and some technical ability. They are not wall to wall sex, which is a large part of their appeal, but here the sexual content can be as little as a third of the film. Her performers acquit themselves well, but the burden of improvised dialogue can sometimes be too much and the sexual action too cool to be arousing. And there's no novelty in watching Pete fuck Taylor, Steve fuck Sarah and anybody fuck Kat. One for Anna's hardcore fans only, there's much better to come from Ms Span providing she doesn't try to be too clever.

Run Time: 2 hours

Review by Bayleaf

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