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Released: 2003
Director: Brandon Iron
Notes: Platinum X
Alternate Titles
  • Brandon Iron's A Good Source of Iron
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 135 mins.

Lincolnshire lass Amber Roxx joins a multinational cast in Brandon Iron's film about girls who crave cum.

Starring in the first scene, Amber, in a flowery summer dress, tells of her journey to the States to slurp spunk. No sooner has she uttered the words than her dress is off and seven guys appear. Kneeling down Amber takes each deep down her throat, gagging and dribbling on their balls. Lying on a sofa Amber plays with her pussy whilst the seven tickle her tonsils. Her mouth is then filled with seven loads of cum which she gargles before it's all gone. Amber is still thirsty so 10 more guys are drafted in to fill her mouth. This time Amber allows the cream to trickle over her chin, then uses her fingers to mop it back into her mouth before swallowing.

As with most American films A Good Source of Iron is well lit and professionally shot. If you like your minerals and vitamins in liquid form this is the film for you, but even with a couple of boy/girl sections thrown in most will find it a little repetitive watching dozens of faceless guys wank into girls' open mouths.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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