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Released: 2005
Director: Kat Slater
Notes: DVSX
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Running time: 122 mins.

Kat Slater has a very "Hands On" or even "Fingers In" approach to her directing in Girl Play. Shot on both sides of the Atlantic, the three British scenes star five great girls, with a further three girls and scenes coming from the States. Each section starts with a black and white or sepia solo strip before the action really gets going.

Scene 3 stars Roxy Rare and Keira stripping separately in monochrome before joining each other for some words from Kat. The girls snog, Keira sticking her tongue deep into Roxy's mouth as she has her tits fondled. Roxy moves to suck at Keira's nipples while director and camera woman Kat fingers her fanny. Going down Keira fills her mouth with minge and slips her digits into Roxy's damp arse. The pussy is nice but cock would be better. When it arrives Roxy has first go on swallowing it, Keira content to lick the head before getting the guy to fuck her tonsils. Roxy also beats Keira in having her pussy stuffed with man meat. Keira wants a little more though and arches her back so the guy can push his prick in her arse. Cleaning off the juices, Keira has another turn with the guy up her backside as she buries her head in Roxy's pussy. Some hard bum banging for both and the guy sprays his load over Keira's tongue. Roxy licks it off.

Karen and Kellemarie appear together in scene 5. Each does a solo strip then climbs onto a black marble table for girl on girl action. As the pair strip they fondle and kiss each other using their tongues over nipples and navels. Kat's hand appears fingering Karen as she slowly works her way up and down Kellemarie's lips. Lying down, it's Karen's turn to have her love box licked which ends in a 69.

McKenzie Lee is the last girl on the film and she is greedy, wanting two cocks to play with. Taking one guy in her mouth the other licks at her pussy getting it nice and moist ready to be filled. With a dick in both ends Kat slips a couple of fingers into McKenzie's bum. She likes it but prefers cock in there and goes on all fours to have her arse fucked. McKenzie rolls over to be DP'd, Kat sliding her fingers in with the cocks. The scene ends with both cumming over her tits.

Though the girls are good the film is not without its problems. Kat has shot most of the film herself which means that when she is playing with the girls the camera angles aren't always right and sometimes the action is missed. The final two scenes are also a little short, Karen and Kellemarie just get going when the scene stops and it's a similar thing for McKenzie. Having said that, Girl Play is not a bad film and it's nice the Americans are noticing the talent on this side of the Atlantic.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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