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Released: 2005
Notes: Avica Entertainment, compilation
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Running time: 120 mins.

Gangbang All The Way is a five-girl compilation film with most scenes shot over the last couple of years from the mediocre I Got Gangbanged series.

In a cropped white top, plaid red mini skirt and white knee-length socks, Angel-Long appears in scene 4 applying for a job as a nanny. To her surprise the three boys in her care are balding, bearded and tattooed and the only thing infantile about them is the script they have to deliver. They all offer their cocks for poor Angel to kiss better. Then the "father" joins in to help with her pussy. Before she gets the job the boys want to try her pussy to see how it feels. Angel lines them up and rides each in turn. What about her arse? The line is re-ridden this time up the bum. The boys can be quite a handful so Angel is asked to cope with two at a time whilst sucking on the third. To show their appreciation the four fire their loads over Angel's body and face.

With an idiotic plot and puerile script Angel looks as if she is just going through the motions, her performance being best described as adequate. There's none of the sparkle or magical spontaneity you would normally associate with Angel-Long. Best leave Gangbang All The Way on the shelf.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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