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Released: 2005
Director: Kat Varga
Notes: Varga UK Ltd / One Eyed Jack Productions, Wrist Action Entertainment / STM Distribution / Black Widow
Alternate Titles
  • Kat Varga's Gang Bang Club
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 145 mins.

All the action for the film was shot in a room which dropped through a time warp from the 60's, with a mustard patterned carpet (which clashes with a red sofa and about almost everything else) and hideous floor throws. The plot is simple, five girls are shagged stupid by a number of ageing and balding Mr Averages in four long scenes.

Kat enters in a short white dress where four guys are ready and waiting. They are quickly at her tits and fingering her pussy through her knickers as she takes their cocks out to suck. Sitting upside down on a red sofa Kat has her tonsils fucked while the rest of the guys lick her pussy and play with her arse hole. As she lies on a lilac floor throw the guys all take their turn to thrust their condom-clad cocks into Kat's cunt in various positions. The scene ends with Kat getting a facial from each and blowing spunky bubbles.

Stocky Polish Lia is next up with almost the same four guys. Lia has her pussy sucked as she works cocks into her mouth and slaps other cocks on her tits. With Kat's encouragement the guys all have a go at Lia's pussy. At the shout of 'Next' the cocks change. Eventually the four are ready to cum and spray Lia's face.

Miyah (as Lisa), in a furry pink bra and denim skirt, is interviewed in the kitchen by Kat about taking on five cocks. She is really looking forward to a good fucking. Entering the room the guy's fondle Lisa's body then get her to bend over to spank her bottom. The five lick and finger Lisa's pussy. Removing her knickers, she then does the splits over a guy's face, filling his mouth with minge. The agile girl then flexes her back to take cock deep down her throat. All five have a go filling Lisa's pussy, the first guy popping over her neck and tits, the rest shooting over her face.

The last scene has a slightly chubby Faye and new girl Katerina playing with each other as they await the arrival of the men. The guys file in to watch the pair licking each other then join in with their fingers. The girls grab a cock in each hands and start to wank as other dicks are slipped into their mouths. Katerina is keen to get cock in her cunt and the guys are ready to oblige, being fucked and surrounded by pricks is what she wants. Faye follows Katerina's lead swallowing dick as she is taken from behind, pussy first then in the arse. The shagging continues, the girls taking cock in their arses and pussies and a couple of guys dribbling their jizz into the girls' mouths. Katerina finishes by being DP'd by the blokes, Faye being happy having her bum banged. The girls lie to have their faces showered with spunk.

Kat is very much in evidence throughout the film, either performing or with a cam-corder in her hand, and, as you would expect from an amateur gang bang, the camera work and lighting aren't brilliant. The girls were quite good, but seeing them being shagged by balding middle aged blokes does little for me. And as for the carpet ...

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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