< Gash

Released: 2005
Director: Kat Slater
Notes: Hustler
Alternate Titles
  • Hustler's Gash
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 148 mins.

Shot mostly in Britain and stuffed full of British stars, Kat Slater's Gash examines her alter ego, the type of girl she may be. The Good Housewife, The Bad Secretary, The Lesbian Girlfriend ... a different star takes each role with Kat doing the intros and being very evident during the scenes.

Isabel, in a white top, lilac polka-dot skirt and white stockings, has her husband bound and gagged in the kitchen. She wants to tease him by getting Tony de Sergio to fuck her under his nose. Bending over, she moves her knickers to one side, allowing Tony to slip into her damp pussy. Then she takes his cock on her tonsils and looks up with her big brown eyes, saliva dripping off his shaft. Isabel, balanced on the top of the sofa with one leg on the seat the other down the sofa back, plays with her clit ring as Tony pounds her pussy with his prick. Needing more cock, she unties her husband who responds by ramming his manhood down her throat. With a cock in each end Isabel is happy. Her pussy juices flowing, she wants the guys to stuff her bum and the guys take turns attacking her arse hole. Cleaning the cock, this housewife wants both together and hard DP action follows. She cries out that she wants to drink spunk and the guys pump their jizz into her mouth.

Kat drags secretary Renee Richards into the gents toilet for a telling off. She is told to strip as Ian Tate enters. She takes the opportunity to give him a deep blow job. Sucking hard, her head bobs back and forth. Leaning against a wall, Ian pulls Renee's arse open as his dick disappears into her pussy. Then, with the cock in her cheek, Renee gives it another good sucking before it's pushed back into her pussy. Down on all fours, Renee gets taken doggy which becomes spoons as they roll over. Finally, wedged between two urinals, Ian showers her face in cream.

Natalia, in white spotted lingerie, is humping the arm of a chair when the scene changes to her being fucked from behind by Mr Pete. The action starts warming up when Majella joins them. Bending over, she too wants to be fucked. As Mr Pete humps Majella, Natalia slips her fingers in along side his cock to open her pussy wide. Natalia sucks on cock while Majella fills her arse and pussy with fingers. She then climbs aboard Mr Pete's prick, hammering her swollen lips down his shaft till she squirts. Natalia dives in to lap up the juices. The girls 69 with Mr Pete's cock still planted in Majella's pussy. When he comes Natalia catches Mr Pete's load in her mouth then dribbles it into Majella's.

Nicole looks sweet and innocent as she sits by the side of the bed in her frilly dark one-piece. Kat orders her onto the bed to play with her pussy, easing a big red plug between her lips. When the plug is firmly in Nicole's tight hole, Ian Tate offers his cock to be sucked. Tentatively she runs her tongue around the head. Ian wants her to take more and she pops the tip of his man meat into her mouth. Timidly she sucks at Ian's balls, then goes back to licking his shaft. Pulling out the plug Ian slips his cock into Nicole doggy style. Turning, he fingers her to get the love juices flowing. This brings Nicole out of her shell and her stomach muscles twitch as Ian eats out her love box and tongues her clit. She then demands he fuck her hard till she comes. He then covers her face in spunk. The naughty girl has been awoken.

The final scene has the American star Lauran Phoenix taking three guys at once.

Great girls and reasonable links are let down by indifferent camera work. Kat should have concentrated on directing and appearing or filming and directing, but not all three. I'm not saying the camera work is awful. There is a lot worse about, but it could have been better. As for the performances, top marks to Renee and Isabel and a good showing from new(ish) girl Nicole - let's hope we see more of her. Natalia and Majella also tried their best but the scene wasn't strong enough for them both to shine. A good film which could have been great.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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