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Released: 2005
Notes: Private
Alternate Titles
  • Private XXX 26
  • Private XXX 26: Good Things Cum In 3's
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 96 mins. (plus 12 min. bonus scene)

Private's XXX films showcase the work of performers and directors in a series of self-contained scenes with a common thread running through them. Here the theme is threesomes. The scenes include Terri Summers being taken by two guys in the kitchen, directed by Jalif, Frank Think behind the camera in a section called Sin Farm, starring Hungarians Tia and Christin; and Lucy Love putting new recruits through their paces in Steve Drako's Army Sex Camp.

Karla's short scene doesn't exactly fit the mould of the rest of the film. She appears solely with Lee Hanshaw, which is probably why it's tucked away in the Extras.

The Meeting Place (directed by Tony Ward) - Lee polishes glasses in an empty bar while waiting for customers. Karla enters and takes her place on a stool. In soft focus the camera pans up her tanned legs and across her body as she sips at a drink. The picture dissolves as Lee talks. Down on her knees, Karla has Lee's cheb deep down her throat. Removing her lace top, she rubs her boobs against his thighs as she sucks. She stands. Lee falls between her legs. Grabbing her knickers with his teeth, he yanks them down and starts to lick. The pair move across the room to a chair. Karla sits, legs splayed, waiting to be shagged. Their bodies glisten with sweat as they both drop to the floor. Karla eases Lee's cock into her arse and starts to rock. Flopping onto all fours, the fucking continues doggy. Lee cums over Karla's face.

Like the other six scenes in the film, Karla and Lee's section is short and is just getting going when it's all over. The idea of having six or seven top directors, producing in their own style, is a good one, but a few more minutes for each scene wouldn't have gone amiss. What there is though is good, but a little bit more would have made it even better.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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