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Released: 2005
Director: James Edwards
Notes: CandiceParis.com
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Running time: 100 mins.

Vicky Powell and Sadie are named on the cover but do not appear.

James Edwards and Candice Paris have produced a series of all-girl films, featuring some of the less often seen talent, in erotically-shot, short scenes. Rude Girls 5 stars Candice Paris as Gemma Johnson with eight other British girls (not 10 as it says on the box cover) in 100 minutes of solo and girl on girl sex.

In a denim top and jeans, Gemma wanders round the back of a large house, trying the doors and windows to see if she can break-in. Inside she rummages through the kitchen drawers and comes across a couple of vibrators. Instead of robbing the place she decides to have a wank. Peeling down her bra, Gemma tugs on her nipples getting them nice and erect, ready to lick. As she sucks on her tits her hand slides into her jeans and plays with her pussy. She strips out of her damp knickers. Lying back on the kitchen table she eases the lubed toy into her moist love hole. The juices start to flow as Gemma works away with the toy. Sucking hard on the second vibrator, Gemma climaxes.

Liverpool lasses Chloe and Jane sit on the floor in front of the fire. A row of dildos lines the mantelpiece. The girls kiss and Jane strips out of her black dress and undies leaving only her thigh length boots as the two lick at each other's boobs. Jane pulls down Chloe's blue knickers and her head drops to lap at Chloe's pussy. Chloe's cunt is coated in lube and a purple rabbit is jabbed into her wet hole. Pressing the 'ears' hard against her clit makes her jump and scream. Bending over, Jane takes a slightly larger toy in her own pussy, she pulls at her tits as Chloe hammers in the whole length. Donning a strap-on, Jane makes Chloe's tits swing wildly as she takes her from behind. Shuddering, she orgasms.

In her pink track suit, Sabrina (Fran Lord) sits in a brown leather chair. She slowly unzips the top and removes her black bra to play with her tits. Pulling down her trousers, Sabrina runs a pink vibrator over her black knickers, the sensation gets her warm and wet. Easing her panties to one side, she caresses her clit, then with a leg over the chair arm, she pops in the toy and starts to wank. The shaft of the vibrator glistens with her cunt juices as it squelches into her hole. With her legs in the air, Sabrina works herself till she groans with pleasure.

In their schoolgirl outfits, Gemma and Red sit on the bed. As they kiss, blouse buttons are undone and their hands wander down to tight cotton panties. Red slips off her bra so that Gemma can nibble her nipples. The two slowly strip, caressing and massaging each other's bodies with their tongues. Red buries her face in Gemma's fanny and she flicks and suck at her clit ring. A handful of toys are grabbed from the bedside cabinet. Red slips a blue vibe into Gemma's pussy and turns the power up full. Gemma parts Red's pussy lips and pops a shiny red shaft deep in her cunt. The girls 69, licking and jabbing each other's wet pussies. The session ends when the two impale themselves on either end of a double headed dildo.

Dressed almost identically, the leggy blondes Laura and Ria kiss on the sofa after a night on the town. They strip to their black lingerie and Ria pulls the ties on her skimpy knickers to let Laura lick at her pierced pussy lips. No need for Laura to pull her panties down - her split crotch knickers give Ria's tongue easy access to her pussy. The girls stretch each other's fannies with a knobbled purple vibrator, licking off the juices as they go. Ria pulls on a pale blue strap-on and takes Laura doggy style, she rocks back on the toy pushing the base hard against Ria's clit. The noise intensifies as the banging gets faster and faster until they eventually both cry out with pleasure.

Slim blonde Julia undoes the halter tie on her white top and gently squeezes her boobs till the nipples stand proud and erect. Dropping her trousers, she slips two fingers into her pussy. They come out dripping wet. Julia opens her legs to insert a large gold vibrator and she fingers her clit as she slowly wanks. Standing with one leg on the sofa she continues to work the toy till she orgasms.

The final scene has Red and Gemma back in the bedroom. Red enters to find Gemma asleep under the covers. Peeling back the sheet, Gemma isn't awoken by Red's hands fondling her body. Opening a draw, Red removes some stockings. She ties Gemma's hands and feet together, then strips. Finding a bucket of ice by the bed, Red runs some ice cubes over Gemma's naked flesh. Gemma finally wakes as Red forces a row of love beads into her arse followed by a vibrator. Pulling her things back on, Red reties the stocking, sticking the vibe into Gemma's pussy before leaving.

As with the other films in the series, Rude Girls 5 shows that with simple sets, props and girls who know how to perform, you can get very good results. If you want an erotically shot British all girl film, Rude Girls 5 is definitely worth considering.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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