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Released: 2005
Notes: Devil's Films
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Running time: 111 mins.

Shot on a simple set consisting of a blue leather sofa surrounded by shabby looking blue and yellow curtains, Keira, Belicia and Cory Everson have each turned up for some 'gangland' sex.

In a tight blue latex dress with a slashed front which allows her boobs to hang out, Keira wanders onto the set. Fingering her pussy, she wants to know where the boys are. The three of them appear, their cocks at the ready. Keira crouches and starts to suck, then feeds them down her throat one-by-one. With her dress rolled into a 'rubber band' round her waist, Keira settles onto the first shaft and rides while she swallows the other two. Bending forward, Keira is entered from behind. She raises her leg into a balletic style pose to be shagged. Down on all fours, Keira is fucked doggy style. Easing a cock into her arse, she takes a second in her pussy. A guy lies on the floor. Keira rides him hard and deep into her bum. Another dick enters her pussy as she sucks on the third. Upside down with her legs splayed, the guys pile drive into Keira's gaping holes. Hoisted back onto the sofa, the three boys bang away, filling her with their loads. She scoops out the cream and licks her fingers.

Using the same guys, the next two scenes follow exactly the same pattern, making the film a bit repetitive and boring. With its lack of variation and a fairly dull set, Gangland Cream Pie 6 will not be entering my 'watch again' list.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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