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Released: 2005
Director: Jag
Notes: Sinful Pleasures, 2005 release, but probably shot earlier
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Running time: 154 mins.

Though the title and cover notes give the year of production as 2005, with all new work 'Giving It Up to the Black Man 2' has the look and feel of a rather dreary compilation. All of the action is shot outdoors with most taking place under the flight path of a rather busy airport.

Angel Long appears in the third scene. Filmed in brilliant sunshine, most of the action is inexplicably in shadow. As she lies by the pool, the camera pans round to find a guy already licking her pussy. After a while she sits up to give him a blow job and manages to dispel the common belief about the size of black men. A long missionary session follows with Angel lying almost silent and disinterested as the guy pounds away at her pussy. Changing positions, she rides the guy reverse. Strangely there appears to be a group having a picnic as Angel takes it up the arse. With Angel down on all fours, the guy pulls at her blonde hair as he fucks her. The camera man goes round and round covering the action from every conceivable position... it goes on too long. Finally Angel gets a facial.

Jessie J's scene is slightly better. Crouched by the pool, she strips off her white spotted top. A guy approaches and the two make their way to a picnic table. Pulling down her shorts, the guy gives her pussy a good tonguing. She moves to sit on his face and his bristly beard rubs against her cunt. After sucking on his dick, Jessie eases the wet member between her legs and slides back and forth on the shaft. Her body gyrates and his balls press into her clit as she rides him. The session ends with Jessie kneeling on the table being taken doggy. The harder she's humped the lower she goes, ending flat on her stomach. He cums over her chin then the guy picks up a hose and turns it on Jessie. The pair play with the water.

This is a very disappointing film, poorly shot and badly put together. The scenes seem to go on interminably with little or no interaction between the participants. When Angel looks mediocre in a film it must be bad. Give it a wide berth.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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