< The Good, the Bad and the Dirty R18 DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: Kendo
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hot Rod / Erotic flesh
Alternate Titles
  • The Good The Bad & The Filthy Spice Studios
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 115 mins.

From the theme tune at the start to the closing credits it's obvious Kendo and the team have wanted to produce something to be proud of. And with seven magnificent girls, they have made one of the best all-girl films I have seen for some time - hard, hot and raunchy.

The town has a new Sheriff, Lolly, and she is determined to clean the place up by getting down and dirty. In five scenes it's not about zero tolerance, more like zero cock, as she sets about licking the townsfolk into shape.

Lolly's first call is to Madam Liz where she uses her charms and girl-on-girl action to clear up a few problems. Lolly fondles Liz's boobs through her green velvet dress as the two kiss and she lifts up her skirt. She wants to see exactly what Liz will take - the answer is all eight of Lolly's fingers as she stretches open her pussy. Tasting her juices, Lolly produces her dildo pistol which she shoves between Liz's lips. This girl is tough, one shooter in the pussy is not enough so Lolly squeezes in a second. Lolly bends over to show what she can take. Liz licks her arse and spit and juices drip as a toy is wedged into her pussy. Turning, Liz bites her nipples then flicks her tongue over Lolly's pierced clit before attacking her glistening cunt with a rifle length dildo. She sighs as the toy is inserted. The girls 69, licking and fingering each other till they climax.

Strolling down the dusty street, Lolly decides to call at Renee's ranch to visit an old friend. She finds her sitting on a bale of straw swigging whisky. The two reminisce as Lolly undoes Renee's waistcoat and eases her tits out of her checked shirt. As Lolly licks on boobs Renee rives her pants tight into her snatch making her nice and wet. Removing Lolly's black bra, Renee buries her head between her breasts and starts to suck. The girls rub their bodies together as they kiss. Renee laps at Lolly's arse through her black knickers. She pulls them to one side and her tongue enters Lolly's arse as she spreads her pussy lips. Lolly slides her hand into Renee's jeans, pulling her pants down. She is soaking as finger after finger is worked into her hole. Lolly pulls out her dildo pistol and Renee takes the whole length of the barrel in her fanny. Licking it clean she goes on her hands and knees to take it again from behind. Taking the toy, Renee makes Lolly bend forward and, with a bit of manipulation, jams the shooter up her arse. She screams and quivers as her bum is fucked. The girls lick the toys and kiss.

Alicia has been tied up to a hitching post when Lolly finds her, but what should she do, the girl's done wrong. Slipping her finger into her fanny, Lolly tastes it. It's so sweet she decides to release her. Alicia falls to the ground crawling between Lolly's legs to lap the damp patch in her knickers. Pulling at her large labia, Alicia fills her mouth with pussy lips. Her tongue moves up to Lolly's arse. Standing Alicia up, Lolly squashes her tits together to bite at her nipples. Pulling down her white panties, Lolly stuffs them in Alicia's mouth as she chews at her cunt. A big red dildo is inserted into Alicia's pussy making it gape. Lolly laps at the fluid then thrusts the toy into her arse. With the smoke from the camp fire drifting past the pair, Lolly props herself up on her shoulders to be pile driven, Alicia taking the other end of the toy in her mouth as she hammers it home. Dropping onto all fours, Lolly rives at her arse ready to take the red shaft. Alicia rams it deep, her bumhole clamming shut when the toy is pulled out.

Lolly is having a pee when squaw Jemstone spots her through the window. She is fascinated as Lolly finger fucks her salty fanny and her hand runs over her pussy. Seeing Jemstone, Lolly drags her into the room and pulls down her dress. As she is about to make her taste her pussy the door flies open and gun slinger Poppy appears in her flowing pink dress. The two slurp at Jemstome's tits as their fingers feel her fanny. Lolly lies beneath Jemstone, her mouth clamped to her cunt as she licks away at Poppy's pussy. With straw in their hair, the three girls set about sucking and finger fucking each other. Pussies are pulled open when Lolly pulls out the dildo guns. Poppy squirms with pleasure as her hole is stuffed and Lolly shows that taking the shooter up her arse was not a one off. The scene ends with the three girls wanking away, Jemstone picking the long straw, uses the rifle dildo on her pussy.

Lolly is standing at the bar of the saloon when a stranger walks in, her finger twitching over her holster. Lolly finishes her drink and tells Suzie there are better things to do than fight. The two kiss, Lolly slipping off Suzie's shirt and nibbling at her pert erect nipples. Her hand wanders down into Suzie's jeans and before long the two are naked on the floor feasting on each other's fannies. Lolly jumps onto the bar and stretches her pussy lips, Suzie laps at the pink puffy flesh. Lolly uses her tongue piercing on Suzie's clit to get her quivering with pleasure. A brief pistol wank and the girls grind their pussies together till they cum.

A cleverly shot and lit movie. Kendo uses a combination of letterbox format and semi sepia to set each scene, giving the appearance of a classic spaghetti movie. This is enhanced by a brilliant 'Western' style soundtrack. As for the girls and the performances ... top quality stuff from all. With The Good, The Bad and The Dirty it's easy to see why Kendo and his team are one of the best producers of films around today. Even if you don't like girl/girl movies still go out and get this one ... it could change you.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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