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Released: 2006
Director: Frank Thring
Notes: H2 Video / Hustler
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Running time: 90 mins.

Veteran film director Frank Thring is known for adding a few 'fetish' touches to his films as well as appearing himself. Golden Girls 8 follows that pattern. Shot on location in Budapest, it stars two sexy Brits, Natalie Heck and Majella Shepard (Angelia Croft), along side a host of Hungarian beauties in a film about jewellery and glamour photography.

Friends and work mates Majella and Natalie are on a stake out. They sit in the car scoffing food and watching their mark. Desperate for a pee, Majella jumps out of the car and hikes up her denim skirt. As she empties herself the guy they've been following spots her and threatens her, but he'd forgotten about Natalie who clobbers and captures him.

Pleased with their work, the girls next job is to take a priceless necklace to Budapest for a photo shoot. The girls are only too happy to go.

Sitting in their hotel bedroom dressed in sexy lingerie, the girls have time to spare. Majella tries on the precious jewels before placing them around Natalie's neck. The two wonder what it would be like to experience another girl. Now is their chance to find out. The scene is intercut with the photographer in his studio shagging two leggy PVC-clad girls. Natalie peels down her black basque and sucks at her nipples while Majella drops between her legs, filling her mouth with pussy lips. The two twist and turn, moaning as they 69. Natalie chews on Majella's swollen lips and probes her pussy deep with her tongue. Getting out their toys the two work at each other's fannies. Licking and lapping at their clits, the girls shudder to orgasm. It's all too much for Natalie - she pops into the bathroom for a pee.

Arriving at the studio, the business-suited girls hand over the necklace. The photographer asks if they want to appear in a shoot. Majella is first in front of the camera. Unbuttoning her white blouse she drops her pin striped skirt and strikes a couple of modelling poses. Stripped to her high heels, Majella slips her fingers between her legs and strokes. A toy follows her digits into her pussy as the shutter clicks. Natalie is next in her sexy black basque. She cuddles and caresses her boobs as her clothes fall to the floor. Flicking back her long blonde hair, she fingers her fanny. Opening her lips Natalie lies back and slips in a toy. Both girls are having so much fun they fail to realise the necklace has gone.

Finding a clue, the two dress up in their thigh-length black boots to chase after the gang. They track them down to the Laser club. Peering round the door they watch as Nora Davis gives a bloke a blow job then gets banged on a bar stool.

As they are ready to leave, they are captured by the gang, but Majella and Natalie have a plan - they'll shag their way free. Three cocks shouldn't be beyond the pair. On all fours, Majella is spit roasted while Natalie kneels with a cock in her mouth. The girls change guys. Natalie rides reverse and Majella lies on her side to be filled spoons. Slipping a cock into her arse, Natalie fingers herself then arches her back to take a second prick. Majella, with booted legs high in the air, is taken missionary. She moves to mount the cock and, hammering down, she squirts as she climaxes. The girls sit side by side, Natalie taking all three loads in her mouth. She dribbles it over Majella's face and they kiss. The boys lie shattered as the duo make off with the gems. Finding the necklace gone the three head after the girls. Natalie puts a stop to the chase with a laser gun. Majella and Natalie celebrate another successful mission in the only way they know ... a good long piss.

Even if peeing is not your cup of tea, this film still has a lot to offer. Natalie show why she is one of Britain's top performers in a good mix of girl/girl, boy/girl and solo work and Majella, who hasn't appeared in quite as much as she deserves over the years, does a great job in the film. A film well worth watching to see the British pair produce some fine work.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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