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Released: 2006
Director: Frank Thring
Notes: H2 Video / Hustler
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Running time: 107 mins.

Veteran British film director Frank Thring has based himself in the Hungarian capital Budapest for the 16th in the series of lesbian films, Girl & Girl. The film appears to have been shot simultaneously with Golden Girls 8 with many of the scenes and most of the cast, including the Brits Majella Shepard and Natalie Heck, appearing in both films.

On a cold winter's morning, Frank meets Natalie in the street. She stands out from the crowd in her tight black top and green mini skirt. To warm themselves up, Natalie suggests they pop into a local apartment where her friend Angelina (Majella) is teaching English. Inside, Natalie watches as Majella uses some unconventional training techniques on Hungarian student Jessica Moore. In her black fishnets, Majella sits on the sofa slowly stroking Jessica's body and the two start to kiss. Feeling horny watching the girls, Natalie starts to masturbate while Majella strips and licks Jessica. Her first English sentence is 'Would you like to lick pussy' and Jessica is guided between Majella's thighs and starts lapping at her cunt lips through her crotchless black knickers. Natalie can assist with this part of the lesson and joins Jessica on the floor, nibbling at her breasts. With a vibrator in each hand, Majella uses them on the girls and their tongues lick off the juices. Natalie and Jessica then turn their attentions to Majella's pussy, stuffing it with plastic. Screaming and shaking, Majella reaches a climax and the scene abruptly ends.

Natalie re-appears at the start of scene 4 as she introduces Penelope and Jasmine, but as the action starts she departs.

The final scene also has Natalie guiding Frank through a crumbling apartment block where Boroka and Eve are doing a girl/girl photo shoot. Supposedly peering through the door, Natalie lifts out her tits and fingers herself. It's obvious that these sections have just been edited into Boroka and Eve's scene.

The film is full of attractive girls but the scenes don't seem to hang together properly. Professionally produced studio based work is mixed with amateurish looking hotel and outdoor action and none of it is coherent. Even the inter-scene links are a bit of a mishmash with Frank Thring enthusing about girls he's just found in some and heavily scripted Natalie introducing others. Great girls but a mediocre film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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