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Released: 2006
Director: Rob Stone
Notes: Rob Stone / Brit Flix
Alternate Titles
  • Get Fucked
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 122 mins.

Rob Stone is noted for his hard, near the edge films. In Get Fucked One, he is trying something a little different, picking girls up on the streets of Leicester. OK, with the exception of Vikki, all the girls he meets are well established actresses and in Rob Stone tradition all end up well and truly fucked.

Lisa and Rob have heard Sam is at a night club in the city. They set off with mate Dave and the night vision camera. The initial intro in the club is jerky and grainy with subtitles being used. Sam agrees to go off with the three. They stop in a dingy stairwell and, her tits out, Sam starts to suck on Dave's dick. Her black and purple dress lifted, her knickers are pulled to one side and Dave fingers, Lisa joins in. Sam has a piss on the stairs before giving a blow job. In the darkened gloom, Rob takes over from Dave. Pulling open Sam's swollen pussy lips he plunges in his prick. Sam goes down on all fours to be taken from behind then turns to ride Rob up her arse. The scene finishes with some anal missionary action and Sam getting her tongue coated in cream.

Vikki is stopped by Lisa while out shopping. She'd be ideal for Rob's new film. Vikki agrees to go back to the couple's flat for a try out. Once there, Lisa arranges for her to get into something more suitable. She returns in sexy black lingerie and boots. Opening her legs, Vikki passes Rob's four finger test - her pussy is dripping wet. She takes his cock in her mouth and spit dribbles down his length. Rob has an idea, covering Vikki's tongue with sherbet he pours coke into her mouth, then deep throats her. His balls bang on her nose as his dick fizzes in her mouth. Lying on the bed, Rob slips an ice lolly into Vikki's pussy. She licks off the juices and is ready for cock. After riding reverse and being taken doggy, Vikki is up for anal. She pulls at her clit as the shaft slides up her bum. With Vikki hanging off the bed, Rob pile drives her pussy then bangs his prick in her arse, leaving her holes gaping. Vikki lies as Rob's spunk hits her tits and Lisa dives in to lick it up.

Rob and Tony are off to see Poppy at a pole dancing club. Convinced he can 'pull' her, Tony starts to chat up Poppy. The two agree to meet in the pool room later. In her short orange outfit, Poppy is more interested in playing with her body than lining up a shot. She starts to give the cue a blow job. Tony is amazed when she sticks the cue into her arse and starts to wank. Leaning over the table, she slobbers and slurps at Tony's shaft. Hair and earrings dangling, she swallows the cock. Climbing onto the table, Poppy wants the spit covered shaft in her arse. Her body in shadows from the lights, she bounces up and down. Pushing herself onto her shoulders, Poppy is pile driven up the bum. She takes more dick doggy and spoons. Open-mouthed, Poppy waits for Tony's cum. She pops in the black ball to get it smeared with spunk.

Playing Monopoly with Rob, Lisa finds her £22 won't cover landing on Mayfair with a hotel. She'll have to come up with another way of paying her debts. Stripped down to her underwear, she takes his cock in her mouth and starts to suck. Spit drips onto the board as she slowly wanks his shaft. With players and pieces strewn over the floor, Lisa stretches open her arse. Rob thrusts his man meat deep into her back passage. Holding the camera Point of View, Lisa bangs down on Rob's dick cowgirl. She turns to fill her cheeks with cock. Face down, her bum is re-entered. Rob cums in Lisa's mouth and stuffs in Monopoly money.

Down at the pub, Lisa manages to persuade Charlie to come back to the flat. On the way the girls stop for a snog and grope in an underpass. Using night vision there are some green and blurry shots of Charlie sucking Rob's dick. At the flat, Charlie gags on Rob's dick as they lounge on the leather sofa, her spiked collar getting dangerously near to his tackle. Lisa parts Charlie's legs to play with her pussy. The girls kiss as Rob shags them both. Lying back, Charlie is fucked missionary. Lisa dives between the two to lap at their juices. Riding cowgirl and missionary follow. With Charlie up on her shoulders, Rob fills her arse with a pint of milk then adds his cock for good measure. Lisa appears with a strap-on and the pair DP Charlie till she climaxes. The girls crouch and Rob gives them both a good facial.

Whilst the action is hard and hot, the same thing cannot be said for the presentation. The grainy and wobbly intros and 'night vision' shots may be novel but don't make good viewing and while the idea of shagging Sam on the stairs is good, the scene suffered from lack of lighting. Apart from that, Charlie, Poppy and Lisa were naughty as normal and there was a good performance from first time girl Vikki. Watchable, but not one of Rob's better works.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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