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Released: 2006
Director: Axel Braun
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 130 mins.

Sin City have brought in the 'wet' film maker Alex Braun to direct Hannah Harper in a film where she plumbs her inner depths to achieve the ultimate orgasm. The other cast members Cytheria, Lexi Love and Missy Monroe are renowned for their squirting ability and this type of film appears to be in vogue now in the US.

As the titles roll, Hannah pulls on her sexy black lingerie, black pencil skirt and waistcoat ready to go to work. Just before she leaves she gives her boyfriend's cock a final suck. On her way out she says good bye to house mates Cytheria and Lexy Love. No sooner is she out of the drive than the girls head for Hannah's boyfriend's dick. Returning unexpectedly, Hannah spies the three hard at work in the bathroom. She is shocked by their squirting activities.

Hannah talks to Missy Monroe in the pool about what she has seen. Missy admits she too squirts and recalls a session with Steve Holmes.

Hannah is sure she is missing out on something and books a group session with renowned sex therapist Lisa Ann. Following the session, the other girls Angela Stone and Sindy Lange put into practice what they have just heard.

With only the two left in the room, Lisa joins Hannah on the couch to help her explore the female orgasm. The girls kiss as they undo their blouses and start to bite at each other's breasts. With Hannah's knickers down, Lisa moves in to her pussy. Her tongue dances over moist lips. The girls 69. Lisa decides a twisted glass dildo should help and slides it in and out of Hannah's cunt until she is ready for the next phase. Two guys enter and start to caress Hannah's body. Lisa slips away as Hannah takes the two in her mouth, her face rosy red she gags on dick as her pussy is plundered. Mounting a cock reverse, Hannah continues to suck. She tries both boys in her mouth at once. The guys sit side by side and Hannah jumps from cock to cock. After filling her pussy she eases man meat into her arse and asks for seconds. The boys bang away at both holes. Hannah breaks off for a moment for some missionary work before taking the two again. With two fingers in her pussy the boys hands become a blur. Lisa tells Hannah to relax and her juices trickle over the guys' hands. She opens her mouth and the two drop their loads on her tongue. Hannah has achieved her aim.

Sin City always give more than just action in their films - a plot, great sets and beautiful girls. Gush has a lot going for it and for those who are into the squirting genre there is a lot on offer, especially from Missy Monroe and Sindy Lange. As for Hannah, her performance was impeccable, but it ended with a dribble rather than a gush. Still it's a nice film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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