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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse, widescreen
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Running time: 144 mins.

Signs of a misspent youth here from the Pornostatic team as they launch a new strand featuring dirty girls with attitude. The girlies here all enjoy a ride on two wheels in the street or skateboard park before going home for another ride on big fat cocks. There's enough grungy fetishism here to make a distinctive programme without going to the dark lengths of DiSanto's films on the Killergram label.

Aaliyah sits astride a red Big Mo chopper bike (the latest must have from California) flaunting herself at a couple of guys sitting on the half pipe at a skateboard park. Dressed all in white (from her baseball cap to her shorts and fishnet stockings), she takes Stefan Hard back home where, leaving just her white bra and fishnets on, she impales herself on Stefan's rigid cock. Fucking in plenty of good positions while all the time cheekily sucking on a lollipop up to and including the facial.

Natalie is on the streets wearing red, with a skirt short enough to keep her white knickers on permanent display. Riding her red chopper, she pulls a motorist and returning home soon has him stripped with his cock in her mouth. Apart from removing her knickers and getting her tits out, Natalie keeps her biking outfit on - fishnet mittens, plastic elbow and knee pads - throughout the scene. To begin with Natalie masturbates with a red lollipop, but she soon puts this in her mouth and a fat cock in her pussy. Vigorous sex in all positions on the white sofa, before Natalie gets fucked up the arse in some revealing positions and the scene ends with a fine facial.

Elizabeth is out on the street in black - boots, stockings, underwear and see-through top. She gets a puncture and needs a pump (fnahh fnahh!), which she'll get if she takes the two guys in the car home with her. No contest. Elizabeth soon has her jaws around two cocks then, pausing only to remove her knickers, takes both guys on. Sex and spit roasting in all positions on the sofa followed by anal and DP's both ways round and ending with a big double facial.

Tall and slim Simone goes round the playground before a couple of guys take her round the back of the pavilion where, by offering her a lollipop, they get to cop a feel. Back home and still wearing her baseball cap, zipper top and shorts, Simone sucks both guys' cocks before removing her shorts and pants and fucking them. Good hard sex with both guys. Simone takes the first facial while still getting fucked missionary, then a second as the guy pulls out.

Antonia is on the streets all in pink, including her platform heels, legwarmers and fishnet top. It may be this outfit was just too hot to be seen out in because the action cuts back to the house, where Antonia is sucking on a lollipop first then on the first of two cocks. As usual the dress code is knickerless as Antonia is fucked and spit roasted in all positions with her great tits only occasionally breaking loose. Scene ends with a double facial.

Women playing young can often look ridiculous, but with the five fit bodies in this film it works just fine. With their hair in pigtails or plaited and the director's penchant for primary-coloured make up, the girls look suitably young and trashy for their roles. Choosing five young women who can fuck for England is even better. Nice idea well done - roll on volume 2.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Pornostatic is the alter-ego of DiSanto's Killagram productions. Its films feel light and fresh in the Girly Riders series, full of sizzling hot girls. Aaliyah, Antonia, Elizabeth, Natalie and Simone all seem to have problems balancing on two wheels in their high heels, but when it comes to riding cock not bikes, they know their stuff.

Aaliyah wobbles across the park and stops to pose in front of two guys in her tight top, shorts and fishnets. Flashing her bum at the boys, she invites Stefan home for a shag. Taking the lolly out of her mouth, Aaliyah starts to suck cock. She pulls at her pussy through her white shorts before letting them fall to the floor. Plonking herself on Stefan's dick, she rides reverse. His prick is better than the saddle. The two fall onto their sides, Aaliyah taking Stefan's shaft spoons as she licks at her lolly. She runs her tongue around the tip of the cock before being taken doggy style. Aaliyah kneels, with her lolly still in her mouth. Stefan jerks his load.

Peddling down the road in her bright red top and short skirt, Natalie rubs her knicker clad pussy along the seat of her chopper. Stopping beside Ben's car, she gives a flash of her white panties and grabs at his cock. The two head for home. Crouching on her knee pads, she unzips Ben's pants and places his prick in her mouth. Her big round boobs fall out of her tight top as he plays with her blonde plaited hair. Sitting on the sofa, Natalie sticks a lolly in her moist minge. Undoing the ties on her panties, they fall away. She settles herself down on his cock. Bent over, Natalie's boobs brush against the arm of the sofa as she is taken from behind. With her elbow protectors round her wrists, she rives at her clit. Ben eases his cock up her arse. The pair roll over onto all fours leaving Natalie's hole gaping. Tugging at his cheb, he cums over Natalie's face and tongue.

With a cigarette between her lips, Elizabeth bowls along the street in her short black skirt, see through top and kinky thigh length boots. Two guys pull alongside to tell her she has a flat. Elizabeth gives a one-fingered answer. Back at the house she takes a cock in each hand. Her head dives from side to side as she sucks. Her black knickers out of the way, the two finger fuck her as she crams both dicks in her mouth. With her throat full of prick, Elizabeth pushes the second boy into her pussy. Gathering her skirt around her waist, she climbs onto Ben's cock. The boys pull at Elizabeth's bunches as they spit-roast her. Their fingers prise open her bum. Down on all fours, Elizabeth's eyes open wide as her arse is hammered. Rolling over, she takes the second cock in her pussy. The two empty their balls into Elizabeth's mouth. She lets their cream drip over her chin.

Riding her bike around the playground, Simone is watched by two guys. The boys claim she is on their territory. She offers to take them to the pavilion to sort things out. The two grope her arse. She wants to see their cocks. Simone laps at the head of the dicks. The action moves on to Simone's house. Slipping her hand into her tight white shorts, she fingers herself before embarking on eating dick. A little more sucking and Simone squeezes both pricks into her mouth, probing her tonsils with dick. Pulling her shorts hard into her snatch, the boys spank and finger fuck Simone. The pants come down as she climbs onto a cock. With her face full of man meat, Simone is taken from behind. The three change position through cowgirl and spoons. With a cock still in her pussy, the first guy cums on her face. The second follows, covering her lips in jizz.

Antonia appears to have problems staying upright as she cycles along in her pink platform heels and leg warmers. Two boys follow her home and the fun begins. Lifting her pink plaid skirt, she flashes her striped knickers, then licks provocatively on a swizzler lolly. Wrapping her fingers around the first cock, she tongues the tip and pops it between her lips. The second cock gets the same treatement. The boys ease her tits out of her pink top and slide down her knickers. Antonia takes the first guy in her smoothly shaven snatch as she sucks at the second. The boys fall back and she grinds against their balls as she rides the pair. Shagging spoons is followed by Antonia being taken missionary. Falling to the floor, she plays with her clit ring as she is fucked doggy. Kneeling between the guys, Antonia laps at their balls as they shower her face in spunk.

In lesser hands this film could have been tacky, but DiSanto and the team have done a great job, getting the balance between youthful look and sexy slut just about right. Pornostatic have got off to a flying start with the films released so far and Girly Riders is no exception... Keep up the good work. A film well worth watching.

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