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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Pornostatic / Playhouse, widescreen
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Running time: 116 mins.

This is the second release in Pornostatic's new series about girls with attitude. Fortunately they mix their "Fuck You" attitude with matching "Fuck Me" performances that mean they spend a lot of time with man meat in their mouths, pussies and arses. Each scene starts with a girl riding one of the latest Big Mo chopper bicycles from the US, picking up guys and returning home for some very entertaining sex.

Down at the park Alexis, sits astride her Big Mo chopper bike watching a few guys have a kick around. It's barely conceivable that Alexis,, in buttock-revealing shorts and breast revealing fishnet top, needs to offer the lads chocolate bars to follow her home, but she does. Back at the house the guys open their wrappers to see who's got the winning ticket to taste Alexis's chocolate dip and she is soon adjusting her knickers to accommodate a cock in her pussy. The other guys melt away as it's hard one on one up to and including a facial.

Sabrina is out biking in her combat gear and looking for action. Is it her camouflage miniskirt? Black fishnets? Or perhaps her bra less tits in a see through top that attracts the lads, 'cos she's soon got two back at the house. Oral, then fucking in cowgirl, doggy and spoons with a guy at both ends before the action switches to Sabrina's bum. Doubly penetrated, both ways round, Sabrina finishes by swallowing both guys' cum.

Sahara looks almost demure in matching deep pink velour shorts and crop top as she pulls a couple of guys in the park. However she ends up back at the house with just one who she puts through his paces on the white sofa. Good hard sex finishing with a facial while Sahara sucks on a lolly.

Aaliyah is hanging about on the swings in the park wearing virginal white (skirt, stockings, wrap top) when she's picked up by Don Roobles who takes her back to a hotel room where a massive white cock is standing to attention for her. Dirty talk, oral sex, then hard fucking in all positions on the double bed. Aaliyah strips completely during the fine hard action, which concludes with a facial.

Finally it's Franky in the park picking up strange men. In a short yellow skirt she asks "Do I look like I'm easy?". "Like you're giving it away", says one of the guys. "Just as well I'm feeling horny then!" replies Franky. And with that she's back to the house for sex with one of the guys. Removing just her knickers the pair fuck in all positions and we see plenty of Franky's body as her skirt is around her waist and her top around her neck. Ends with facial.

Just occasionally a film comes along that ticks all one's personal boxes. This film wins for best use of gorgeous brunettes (a whole cast load). Cinematography. Art direction - just love those colour co-ordinated outfits such as where Franky wears yellow skirt and top with yellow beads and even yellow elastics for her pigtails. And it's not really gonzo with the camera ignored in exchange for some wittily improvised dialogue. None better than when Alexis looks up under her heavy eyelids and growls "Do I look like the sort of girl who only rides bikes?". Excellent.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2007

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

DiSanto has assembled five likely lasses, dressed them in provocative attire, and sent them out on their choppers for the second of the Pornostatic Girly Riders series. Though they like cycling, these girls are only too keen to swap their bikes for a bit of man-meat to ride.

Riding around the park, Alexis sees a group of guys playing football. Wheeling her way toward them, she entices a couple away with a bar of chocolate and the promise of perhaps a little more. Only one of the gang make it back to Alexis' house and she soon has her hands down his trousers. Kneeling in her purple net top, she slurps at the guy's dick. Reaching down, he works his fingers past her panties and rubs his wet dick over her tits. Parting her pussy, Alexis straddles his shaft and sinks down, rocking against his balls. With her knickers off, her boobs sway as she is taken from behind. More shagging missionary and the guy coats Alexis' tongue with cream.

Sabrina's olive green camouflage fails to disguise her in the urban jungle, as she rolls up to two boys. They grope and fondle her tits through her top, but the park is not the place for what she has in mind. The trio head home. Sabrina's knickers disappear along with the boys' cocks in her mouth. Spitting and dribbling, she crams two in at once. Still sucking on dick, Sabrina hammers herself down on the second. She cries out wanting it harder. Lying on her side, the guys gain access to her arse. Sabrina pushes herself up to take a cock in her pussy too. On all fours, the pair bang away, leaving her bum hole gaping. Sabrina crawls back to her bike and waits open mouthed for the guys' cum.

Her scanty pink shorts pulled tight into her snatch, Sahara cycles around on the hunt for boys. Seeing one, it's off to DiSanto Manor for some fun. Sahara drapes herself over her bike before devouring dick. The two make for the sofa. Sahara's head bobs on the shaft and her lips make their way towards the boy's balls. Pulling off her panties, she sits on the cock, her hand rubbing at her shaven slot. Taking her tits out, Sahara licks at a lolly as she's shagged missionary, then doggy. The guy squirts his spunk on Sahara's Swizzler. She lets it drip onto her chin.

Dressed in white, Aaliyah soon swaps her bike for the swings in the local park. With a massive lolly, Don Roobles coaxes her back to his flat. Lying on his bed is a naked Kieran, cock in hand. Aaliyah needs no invitation and dives in to suck. Parting her white drawstring bikini, Aaliyah plays with her boobs as she wipes her fanny over Kieran's face. She slides down his body and sits on his cock. Dropping onto her back, Aaliyah traps Kieran's cock between her feet and starts to wank. Don paws at her pussy as she mounts to ride cowgirl. Fast and furious fucking comes to an end with a facial.

In her lemon top, skirt, and matching fishnet stockings, Frankie is the final girl out on her bike. Before long she has a boy in tow and takes him home. Lifting her top, Frankie rubs a sticky lolly over her nipples then sucks. She'd rather have man-meat in her mouth than sweets. Slapping her fanny, Frankie crouches over the guy's face. His tongue flicks out at her clit ring. Frankie falls forward and the pair 69. Climbing aboard his cock, the guy slaps Frinkie's bum as she rides him, leaving her cheeks rosy red. The two twist round as they shag. A session of doggy follows before Frankie gets a face full of jizz.

DiSanto deserves top marks for the idea of using sexy girls on bikes as the theme for this series. And with the five girls who appear, he's onto a winner. Frankie looks stunning in and out of yellow and Sabrina (as Janie) is just downright naughty. A great film.

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