< Get Fucked Two R18 DVD available

Released: 2007
Director: Rob Stone
Notes: Rob Stone / Brit Flix
Alternate Titles
  • Schamlose Ficksäue Gesucht! DVD available Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 120 mins.

Hard hitting director Rob Stone's Get Fucked One was not his best work. Following the same format - finding hot girls and filming them in unusual locations - the second in the Get Fucked series is a far better film. Appearing alongside his stalwarts Miyah (Lisa) and Sabrina, who is credited under three different names, are the heavily tattooed busty blonde Cherry, the sexy dark Pole Iowana and Yorkshire lass Karla.

Climbing in through a window, Tony finds himself in the toilet of a club where he is sure he's going to find some talent (in the Gents!!). He spots a phone number scrawled on the wall and gives it a ring. Within minutes a tanned Karla appears in a long brown coat. When she drops it to the floor, her cropped white top and skirt stand out against her olive-coloured body. Pulling her black knickers to one side, Karla starts to finger herself. The boys are impressed, even more so when she lets Tony lick her tits as a butt plug is jammed into her arse. Rob has a surprise for Karla and plonks a huge pink dildo on the toilet seat of a cubicle. Standing astride the massive toy, Karla impales her pussy on it. Pussy lips stretched taut, Karla bounces with Tony's cock in her mouth. Tony replaces the plastic in Karla's cunt with his prick and, holding onto the sink, she is taken from behind. On hands and knees, Karla works Tony's dick into her arse. Rob lies on the floor and she swaps guys. The muscles in Karla's body tighten as the boys bang away at both holes. Rob jerks his cock over her face and Tony follows, filling Karla's mouth.

Face down, in her fishnet body stocking, Lisa lies on a hotel bed flicking through the personal ads. Beside her, Rob finds something promising in the mag - Yvona (Iowana) - and Lisa is up for some Polish pussy. Yvona arrives and the two girls start to kiss. Lisa slips Yvona out of her blue jumper and jeans and the pair fall back onto the bed. Parting her legs, Lisa moves down to Yvona's silky smooth snatch and starts to suck. Then, moving up to her pert tits, she gets her nipples hard and erect. Handing the camera to Lisa, Rob joins in the fun. Yvona's tongue works its way over his shaft before his cock disappears between her lips. As she lies back with her legs open, Rob rams his dick into Yvona's pussy. She reaches down and pulls at her clit. The two roll over, Yvona ending reverse on Rob's cock. She tastes herself and eases the moist member into her arse with Lisa's help. Her boobs joggle as Rob's balls bump against Yvona's pussy as she is pile driven. He comes over her bum and Lisa's tongue scoops up the jizz.

Hot and horny Jane (Sabrina) is bored silly as she watches the security cameras at her reception desk, Tony and Rob turn up and ask if she wants some fun. Undoing her blouse, Jane flashes her tits for the boys. They want to see more; so, climbing onto the counter, she raises her black dress and drops her knickers. Leaning over, Jane starts to suck on Tony's dick. Then, a leg up on the counter, she wants to be taken slow and hard from behind. The two climb onto the desk for a long hard fuck. Jane kneels with her pussy lips pulled open and Tony thrusts in - the phone goes flying. Dying for a piss, Jane empties herself in the mop bucket then jumps back on the counter for some anal action. She wants Tony to make her arse gape. Having used the desk, the office chair is next. Tony sits and Jane slips his prick up her bum. Crouched, Jane wants Tony's spunk. He coats her tongue, she gargles then swallows.

On a nice sunny day, Lisa sits in the park, her long black coat open and a vibrator planted in her pussy. She wants cock and Rob obliges, Lisa pressing her face against his jeans. Climbing onto the back of the bench, Rob fucks her throat and she gurgles and gags. The pair head for home, but not before Lisa has watered the flowers. In her white lingerie, Lisa plays with her swollen pussy lips and she goes down on Rob in the bathroom. Lying on the floor she mounts his dick and gently rocks against his balls. A little deep throat and Lisa is wedged up against the bath for some pile driving. Resting on the edge of the sink she shoves four fingers into her wet fanny. Rob's cock joins them for company. Sweat trickles down the pair as Lisa takes Rob up her arse cowgirl, then Rob finishes off by pile driving her up the bum. Head back on the toilet, Lisa gets her face covered in cum.

Rob spots Cherry flicking through some art books in a book shop and introduces himself, telling her he's a photographer. She agrees to come back to the flat for a shoot. A glass of wine and Lisa whisks Cherry of to get changed. She reappears in a pink baby doll dress and black PCV bra and immediately starts to work sucking Rob's cock while caressing his balls. Lying back on the bed, Cherry wraps her huge tits round Rob's knob and starts to wank. Her tongue reaches out for her nipples. Lisa also has a lick before Cherry swallows the cock. Opening Cherry's pussy with a speculum, Rob pours in some wine and, using a tube, she sucks it out. Rob's cheb enters her dripping hole and her mighty boobs joggle as he stuffs her shaven snatch. With Rob flat on the bed, Cherry wants his dick in her arse. She slaps down on his thighs. Shoulders on the floor and her legs on the bed, Cherry is pile driven. She sucks on her tits as Rob showers her with spunk.

Get Fucked Two has all the hallmarks of a Rob Stone film - very hot and hard - but on this occasion he has not gone over the top with his action. It's also nice to see the girls looking as if they were enjoying themselves. Iowana smiling throughout her scene and Jane being the cheeky Scouse scallywag. Finally, a comment on the camera work - shooting in confined spaces in some of the scenes you'd expect a deterioration in lighting and picture quality, but not here. Top marks for production Rob.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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