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Released: 2008
Director: Big Jim
Notes: Union Films (originally a Television X series)
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 118 mins.

There's a lot in the papers about how the generations are growing closer together in style and outlook. Union Films have taken this one step further in their film Generation Sex by releasing five scenes originally shot as a TVX series and seeing if age really does make a difference.

Suzie Best has been called in to do some baby sitting, but it's not quite what she expected. With no one to look after, she's the babe that's going to do the sitting - on two guys' cocks. Squeezing between the pair on the sofa, they caress her body and fondle her boobs. Suzie unzips their trousers and takes handfuls of dick. Relaxing back to have her minge munched, Suzie slips a cock in her mouth. The three shuffle round so she can suck at the pair of dicks. Settling herself onto a cheb, Suzie rides reverse. She twists onto all fours to be filled from behind. Teasing her bum with his fingers, one of the men eases his prick into her arse. Suzie deep throats dick as she's fucked. With one of the guys coating her back with cream, Suzie takes the second load in her mouth.

In a bright red dress and thigh high black boots, Wendy leads Tiffanny down the stairs towards Danny. He ushers the pair into a room where a big bed awaits. Climbing into the middle, Tiffanny lifts her black and silver dress showing glimpses of her shaven snatch above her stocking tops. Slowly stripping, Wendy wants to see if Tiffanny can cope with Danny's dick. Holding his erection, Wendy laps at the tip and works her way down the shaft. Tiffanny gurgles as Danny hits her tonsils. Wendy thinks Tiffanny is ready for phase two. Pulling at her tits, she mounts Danny, reverse. The two fall forward to fuck doggy. Danny's balls bash against Tiffanny's bum. Wendy wants a bit of the action. Guiding Danny into her arse and grinding his member, Tiffanny tongues the pair as they shag. Ready to cum, Danny jets his jizz over the girl's faces.

Schoolgirl Michelle has been held in detention by Miss Cherry, but rather than lines she has something else in mind for this retiring young lady. Leaving the room, she sends in the head boy to teach Michelle a lesson. Peering through the open door, Cherry watches the pair as they kiss. Michelle's tits are released from her blouse and her white panties pulled down. Creeping back into the room, Cherry sees Michelle's moist pussy penetrated by fingers and her lips engulfing the head boy's dick. Cherry can't help joining in, teasing Michelle's clit with the guy's prick and her tongue. Moving Michelle aside, Miss Cherry wants fucking. Her big boobs hang over the schoolgirl's face as she is taken from behind. Ordered onto the desk, Michelle lies back to take Dougie's dick. Cherry laps at the pair as they shag, before getting the head boy to take her in the arse. Teacher and pupil sit as Dougie releases his load over their faces.

Leaving the bathroom in her white top and panties, Sarah-Jane makes for the kitchen as a lecherous Ian, with a false moustache, leers through the banisters. Heading back to the bathroom, Sarah-Jane runs some water and strips. Ian sneaks in behind her to watch her wash. Shocked by his presence, Sarah-Jane's reluctance melts away as Ian nibbles her nipples and his fingers find their way to her fanny. Dripping wet, Sarah-Jane cups his nut sack as she sucks on his dick, then bends forward to be licked. The silly moustache brushes against her pussy and gets in the way. Ian rips it off. Sitting on the edge of the bath, Sarah-Jane lowers herself onto Ian's rod and bounces away. The pair move onto the floor for the shagging to continue. Back in the bath, Sarah-Jane is filled while on all fours. She turns to take Ian's cum on her face.

Jo and Louiza corner Danny as he comes out of the bathroom dressed only in a towel. The two are on the hunt for fresh dick. Manhandled back to his bedroom, the pair gorge on Danny's cock. Jo removes her blouse and lifts her boobs out of her bra for Danny to eat. Wrapping her tits around his cock, Jo gives him a tit fuck. Leaning over, the girls play with each other's tits as they strip to their stockings. Louiza sits on Jo's face while Danny's manhood disappears in her cleavage. Lying side-by-side, the duo take four fingers each from Danny. Louiza shifts to sit on his cock. With the girls tasting pussy, Danny jabs his cock in any available hole. Licking their lips, Jo and Louiza are showered in Danny's spunk.

This film contains some great action from young and old alike, showing that the generation gap is closing. Okay, David Charles in the first scene couldn't keep his 66 year old stick stiff for the whole session, but Suzie's adept handling more than made up for that. Fine performances from the eight girls and a starring role for the hairy caterpillar playing the part of Ian's moustache. What more could you want?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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