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Released: 2007
Director: Tony Goodfellow
Notes: Rude Britannia / Whitecliffs Productions
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Running time: 106 mins.

There was a time when Rude Britannia films were up there with the best, but recent releases in collaboration with Whitecliff Productions have tarnished their reputation in the quality stakes. The question is has Tony Goodfellow and his team learnt from their previous films? The answer, sadly, is no. If anything, the production standards are going backwards with Greedy Girls' Gang Bang.

In a sort of half-light, with washed out colours, Nikita wakes in a hotel bedroom dressed in a black fishnet top and leather mini. Her first thoughts are of her shaven snatch. She slides in her fingers and her body gyrates. Coming out of the bathroom, Tony and Richard kneel at either side of her and offer their manhoods. They slap her big boobs as she sucks at their cocks. Nikita moves her head over the edge of the bed to let Richard fuck her throat. Tony tackles her pussy. The guys swap. Richard jabs his finger into her arse, followed by his dick, as she bites at Tony's balls. Rolling onto her stomach, Nikita gives Tony a chance to bang her bum before being double-dicked. Taking two cocks in her pussy, Nikita progresses with a dick in each hole and ends with both boys up her bum. The camera points everywhere but where it should as Richard cums over Nikita's pussy. It does, however, capture Tony coating her face in cream.

In a very dark dungeon, Simone sits in her pin-striped basque and stockings, pulling at her pussy. Flashes from cameras pierce the gloom to illuminate her. In another dingy room, Josephine waits in her black PVC and panties. A masked grey haired guy makes a lunge to lick Simone's pussy. Jo dangles her tits over a second geriatric and tries to breath some life into his dick. Kneeling on a couch, a pot bellied guy rests his stomach on Simone's bum and bangs her from behind. Jo gives up on her cock and moves to a second. Squeezing her tits together, she sandwiches the cheb and it shoots it's load. The girls join each other to suck. Simone takes jizz on her tits, then bends over to be fucked from behind. Jo takes a cock in her mouth and the scene ends.

A change of outfit for Jo and she is on stage with Simone and Nikita, sucking and prodding pussy. With the cameraman very much in evidence, he wanders round the three as they kiss and caress. A group stand at the other end of the room, watching.

The scene suddenly changes back to Nikita in the hotel. Two or three minutes with a vibrator and another cut. Simone has a mouth full of cock as more cameras flash. Maz in her un-sexy knee length 'pop socks' lies with her tits out, sucking at two dicks. Jo sits alone chewing on cock. Rolling on rubbers, the guys fuck the girls. A pile of faces appear at the window to watch. Nikita clambers among the bouncing bodies to wank cocks and use her vibrator. Plenty of badly lit shots of shoulders, soles of feet, and hairy arses, are mixed in with shots of the cameraman's shoes and pixillated views of the audience. Maz lies back as a couple of guys cum on her tits. Jo and Simone fill their mouths with cream. The screen splits and we get two views of nothingness. New faces appear at the window as Maz is shagged again and Nikita pushes a vibrator up her arse. As suddenly as the scene started it stops.

Deplorably lit, diabolically shot and lacking any sense of direction, Greedy Girls' Gang Bang is one of the most poorly produced films I have seen. Whilst there is a place in the market for this type of 'raw natural' gang bang film the viewers should at least be able to see the action. Here, it all happens in the dark or in shadows and is mixed with shots of who knows what? If you see Greedy Girls' on the shelf save your money. This film is dross and shouldn't be inflicted on the paying public.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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