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Released: 2007
Director: Kendo
Notes: Television X / Dreamlight, also features Diana Doll (see www.egafd.com)
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Running time: 102 mins.

I have to admit I approached this film with a little trepidation as the title Glory Holes suggested something sordid and depraved. I needn't have worried. In the hands of director Kendo, the settings are seedy but the action is stunning and sexy.

In a grimy, blackened warehouse, Lolly sits on a lorry tyre in a scarlet basque and boots, caressing her body. Her fingers run between her swollen pussy lips as Paige approaches, wearing a long pink strap-on. Easing out her boobs, Lolly pulls at her nipples and wanks as she watches Paige thread the plastic prick through a rubber sheet. Crouching, Lolly sucks on it. Her spit dribbles over the head of the toy. Turning, she backs herself into the plastic as the outline of Paige presses against the rubber. Emerging from her encasement, Paige kisses Lolly on the lips. She slowly works her way down her body to her pussy. Stretched out on the floor, Lolly is fucked with the strap-on. Turning onto all fours, she lets Paige take her doggy style. With her lipstick wiped from her face, Lolly licks the toy.

Pascal loiters outside the toilets as a fur coat clad Renee enters a cubical. Lifting her black dress, Renee slips a finger into her tight, cotton knickers. She wants to wank, not wee. Pascal watches through a hole in the wall as a damp patch appears in Renee's panties. With his pants down, Pascal pops his cock through the hole. Renee tongues the head and wraps her sexy red lips around the shaft. Teasing Pascal, she brushes her fanny against his dick and fingers herself. Bending over, Renee pushes her pussy to the hole. Pascal pokes in his prick. He joins Renee in the cubical and the pair ravish each other's bodies. Propped up against the wall, Renee is taken from behind. Pascal sits on the toilet seat and lets Renee ride him side saddle. She twists round to face him. Slithering to the floor, Pascal pulls at his dick and shoots his load over Renee's tits.

Wandering through a dilapidated building, Michelle enters an old office. Crouching in her sexy black lingerie and stockings, she moans as her fingers prod at her pussy. Suddenly two cocks appear through holes at either side of the door. Kneeling, Michelle moves between them, filling her mouth. Reaching out, Michelle tugs at the shafts as her tongue darts over the tips. The boys come out of their hidey-holes and stand over Michelle. Strings of saliva drip from her chin as she swallows the pair. Discarding her knickers, Michelle sucks at one cock while she's fucked by the other. The guys swap places. Michelle drops onto her knees to be taken doggy. More banging from the boys and Michelle sits open-mouthed to accept their cream.

Jay cowers in the corner of a cage as Angel enters the dungeon in her tight, black dress. She squeezes herself against the mesh. Jay moves closer and gropes at her breasts. She slowly strips, letting Jay lick her pussy through the bars. With his cock poking through a gap, Angel strokes and licks it. Climbing onto the cage, Angel lets Jay's rubber gloved hand finger her fanny. She grabs at his cock and deep throats it. Released from his prison, Jay paws at Angel's pussy. Parting her lips, he jabs in his dick. Pinned to the bars, the pair shag, with Angel being taken from behind. Stuffing her fingers into her fanny, she drops to the floor. Jay jerks his jizz over her tits.

Yes, some of the settings are moody and slightly menacing, but with a great group of girls and some first rate directing, Glory Holes grabs your attention. Whether in the confines of a toilet cubicle or the squalor of a deserted building, Kendo captures the lust as the girls take on the anonymous dicks, with the action really hotting up when they come face-to-face with their owners. Another top class film from Kendo.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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