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Released: 2007
Notes: Pumpkin Media / Poco Loco
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Running time: 105 mins.

Wales is not the place that immediately springs to mind when thinking of adult films, but Pumpkin Media (normally associated with Cathy and Phil Barry) have taken the plunge to release this Welsh made movie from Poco Loco. With only 3 girls and shot on location, Girls on the Job definitely isn't a big budget production. However, small can be beautiful.

Stumbling up the stairs, Natasha arrives at Sean's flat to give him a French lesson. Slipping off her jacket, she sits on the edge of his desk in front of a flickering screen, letting her short black skirt rise. Sean moves closer as Natasha rubs a pen against her black panties and eases her boobs out of her black top. With Sean licking between her legs, she slips off the desk and presses herself against his body. Releasing his shaft, Natasha guides it towards her mouth and licks. Pouring oil over Natasha's breasts, Sean starts to massage. The couple move to his sofa where he slips his cock into her pussy. The two twist round and Natasha is taken doggy style. She climbs onto the coffee table for more sex. After a bout of riding cowgirl, then reverse, Sean shoots his load over Natasha's pussy. His first lesson is over.

Clipboard in hand, busty Rhian swings her legs out of a car, giving a glimpse of her lace knickers. She enters an industrial unit where the security guard wants to join her swingers club. Quickly running through a series of questions, she is satisfied with the answers. Now it's time for the practical. Removing her jacket, Rhian climbs onto a counter and gives guard Ken a chance to nibble her boobs. Easing her panties aside, she shows Ken her shaven snatch and how smooth it is. He slips a finger into her damp pussy. Rhian clamps Ken's head between her thighs as he tongues at her clit. Now it's time to see what's under Ken's uniform. Rhian pulls out his dick and starts to suck. Propping Ken up on a set of steps, Rhian lowers herself onto his shaft. Her boobs swing freely as she bounces. The pair head to the stock room where Rhian is taken doggy style on the floor. Rhian's pussy lips glisten as Ken first sets to work with a vibrator, then finishes off with his cock. Ken's cum squirts onto Rhian's bum.

Rhian is soaping herself in the bath when estate agent Suzie calls. Wrapped in a towel, she pops downstairs to let her in. Heading back upstairs to dry off and dress, Suzie catches sight of Rhian's pussy and starts to rub between her legs. Sitting on the stairs, Suzie fingers herself and licks her boobs as she peeks at Rhian through the open bedroom door. Knowing she's being watched, she teases Suzie, sensuously rubbing cream over her boobs and thighs. Entering the bedroom, Suzie helps Rhian with her lingerie. The girls start to explore each other's bodies. Mouths meet nipples and then move down to pussies. Knickers off, the two finger and lap at each other. Opening her bedside drawer, Rhian lifts out her toys. Handing a long pink vibe to Suzie, she slides it between her legs and plays away until she climaxes. A second vibrator is found for Suzie. After trapping it in her cleavage, she sticks it into her pussy and orgasms.

Whilst Girls on the Job may not be as silky smooth in production terms as some 'big' studio' films, both the camera work and lighting are decent. Talkative Rhian shows she has an appetite for both guys and girls and her enthusiasm is evident throughout her scenes. Girls on the Job is a decent little film and puts Wales on the Adult Industry map.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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