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Released: 2008
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 106 mins.

The rock stars life is a hard one, as Tony James and his band of Danny Boy and Clark Kent well know. Days on the road, nights in hotels, and all for the love of music. Well, music and pussy. The boys are constantly being pestered by groupies and the three most determined to get at the lads are Jasmine, Laura and their leader, Michelle.

Finding their way to the stage door, the girls find the way is blocked by security man, Jay. He'll let them past but at a price. The gang head inside. Michelle wastes no time getting to work on Jay's cock, while beside her Laura peels down Jasmine's black panties to get at her pussy. The girls change places. Jasmine takes mouthfuls of Jay's dick as she wanks his shaft. Laura laps at Michelle's tits and muff. Pushing Jay back, Jasmine rides him cowgirl. Michelle's tongue flicks out at Laura's pussy. Michelle is next on Jay's cock. Reverse cowgirl at first, then missionary, while the other two 69. Last to try Jay's member is Laura. He jabs hard into her pussy. The girls line up. Jay jerks his cream onto Michelle's tits for Laura and Jasmine to lick off. The band are in the star dressing room.

Ushered into the dressing room, the girls find the band on the bed with Cathy. It's her job to rate and grade the groupies. Michelle and Laura start by sucking cock. Jasmine joins Clark and Cathy on the bed. In a frenzy of thrashing flesh, the girls get fucked. Michelle manages to take two cocks at once. Swapping and changing, Cathy and the band sample all that's on offer and with spunk flying, the session ends. They are now official band groupies.

Invited to the recording studio, the three encounter Little Jimmy. He tells them to make themselves comfortable as the band haven't yet arrived. Jimmy disappears. Jasmine, Laura and Michelle settle onto the black leather sofa only to find there's something stuffed in the cushions. It's a stash of sex toys and they decide to use them. Spying though a hole in the wall, Jimmy watches as the three start to caress each other. Climbing between Michelle's legs, Laura starts to finger her and thrusts in a toy. Jimmy scoffs at his noodles as Jasmine loses her knickers. Down on all fours, the girls munch and probe at each other's pussies and arses. The girls climax then straighten themselves up again.

Band manager Kieran arrives and wants to know what's going on. The three are going to have to persuade him to let them tour with the band. Michelle takes the lead, grabbing his dick, while Jasmine and Laura finger fannies. Spread out on the desk, Michelle mixes it with Kieran's cock. Laura lunges at the shagging couple. Bent over the sofa, Laura is next to try Kieran's manhood. Jasimine waits to ride him next. With all three on their hands and knees, Kieran takes them doggy. Laura falls on to her side to be shagged spoons. Fingering herself, Michelle laps at Jasmine's pussy. Then she's turned upside down to be pile driven. Kieran fires his load over Michelle's tits. The girls are now on tour...

Chauffeured to a stately home where the band are staying, the three prepare for life on the road. Cathy has got to the boys first and is sitting on the floor wanking cock. The girls join in and when security man Jay and manager Kieran turn up, the more the merrier. In the mass orgy, Michelle, Jasmine and Laura find there's pussy and dick for all. Having banged the band, management and Cathy, the three await their reward; a face full of cream.

The story is not sophisticated, but it's very well done with all playing their parts well. In casting Tony as the band leader, the film also has that air of light heartedness which adds something else to the film. With Get Your Rocks Off, Phil and Cathy Barry have a film to be proud of.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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