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Released: 2008
Director: Dick Bush
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Von heissen Girls knallhart weggeblasen Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 105 mins.

In these increasingly violent times, Dick Bush and the team at Relish have decided to lift the lid on the scourge of modern society - Girls with Guns. To help Dick understand the reasons behind this phenomenon he has enlisted the help of a number of experts. From Britain, Carmel Moore, Katie Lee, Sammy Jo, Shay Hendrix and Renee Richards give their assistance. While Anna and Carla Cox give a European perspective on the problem. A hard hitting expose, or just a Shoot 'em up with sex? What do you think?

The Rescue
Tied and gagged, Kieran is being held captive by two desperate men. He needn't fear though, for help is on the way. In her black leather get-up with thigh high boots, Renee bursts through a wall, both guns blazing. With flashes and a few drops of tomato sauce, the guys are dispatched. Renee turns her attention to the trussed up Kieran. Leaning forward, she brushes her boobs against his cock. Grabbing his member, she wanks it into her mouth and sucks. Unfastening her leathers, Renee rubs her clit before sliding down Kieran's cock, cowgirl. The pair sink into a tatty old sofa with Renee grinding and gyrating on Kieran's length. Doggy deteriorates into spoons as the pair slump onto their sides. The session ends with some reverse riding. Kieran shoots his load over Renee's snatch. She scoops it up, dripping the cream into her mouth.

Strip Club Slaughter
A group of beer swilling guys shout and jeer at Sammy Jo as she sways and swings round a pole in her red trimmed lingerie. Pulling out a pistol, she blasts away till only Jay is left standing. Wrapping her arms around him, the two fall back onto a leopard print bed spread. Sammy Jo loses her knickers in the process. Jay tugs at her lips and probes with his tongue. Rolling Sammy Jo over, he prizes open her pussy. Up on all fours in her bright red shoes, Sammy Jo jolts back onto Jay's cock. Holding her heels, Sammy Jo is fucked missionary. Jay places her against the bar and enters from behind. Ripping her pink stockings, Sammy Jo rides reverse with Jay hammering into her hole. Crouching, Sammy Jo fingers herself to a climax as Jay jerks his jizz over her tits.

Escape from Bitch Mountain
With alarm bells ringing and sirens shrieking, Shay and Katie run along endless corridors pursued by a gaggle of guys. Throwing themselves through a door, the girls are trapped on the roof. In the shoot out that follows only Shay and Katie survive. Exhausted, the two collapse onto an old mattress. Shay slips Katie's tits out of her bright yellow bikini as they lie down. Wrapping their bodies together, the girls horny fingers find their way into panties and lips are pressed against pussies. Finding a discarded vibrator among the rubbish, Shay bends over to take it between the legs. Katie laps at the wet toy before trying it on herself. Crying out, the girls climax. Locked together, the pair kiss.

Attack of the Killer Bikini Vampire Girls
Anna and Carla Cox show that, on the continent, the only thing worse than girls with guns are vampire girls with guns, as the pair slay their way through hoards of guys.

Behind Enemy Thighs
Jay drags his mate from the battle zone, only to find himself ambushed in an old warehouse. His calls for help are heard by gun toting Carmel, clad in camouflage greens. Having routed the enemy, Carmel wraps her fingers around Jay's cock and her head bobs on his length. Jay drops back as she licks at his balls. Easing herself onto the rod, Carmel falls forward. Her boobs dangle in Jay's face. Holding Carmel by the hips, Jay bounces her on his staff. Climbing down, Carmel leans against the wall with Jay behind her, jabbing in his dick. The scene ends with Carmel milking Jay's cum onto her tits.

There is no doubt that Dick, Hazza and the team at Relish know what it takes to make a good movie and in Girls with Guns they have succeeded again. From the choreography and special effects in the fight scenes, the action that follows and the scene ordering, the boys have got the mix right. Renee (with a new haircut that suits her) gets the film off to a great start and who better than Carmel to close. Can Girls with Guns 2 be as good? Lets hope so.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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