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Released: 2008
Director: Dick Bush
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Von heissen Girls knallhart Weggeblasen 2 Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 111 mins.

It appears that Dick Bush has been heavily influenced by shoot 'em up console games for the second of his Girls With Guns films. Sarah Twain joins six British girls as they blast their way through thousands of rounds of ammunition, and guys, in pursuit of sex.

Bursting in on a drugs deal, Theo sprays the semi-derelict warehouse with gun fire. One by one the bad guys pop their clogs until only Steve Hooper is left standing. Holding a gun to his head, Theo unzips her tight PVC shorts and tells him to lick. Settling herself on an ammo case, Theo forces Steve's face into her fanny. His tongue darts across her clit. Undoing Steve's jeans, Theo crams his dick in her mouth and sucks. Kneeling on the box in her black leather boots, Theo wants to be fucked doggy style. Steve grasps at her tits as he thrusts in. Theo turns over, then climbs on Steve's dick to ride reverse. The pair twist uncomfortably onto their sides to end the session. Steve shoots his load over Theo's boobs.

Armed with pistols and machine guns, Sarah Twain off loads a group of boiler-suited guys, then uses them for target practice. Jay manages to escape the gun fire. Sarah makes him pay with his cock.

Ellena is chased along darkened corridors with Steve by her side. The two blast away at their pursuers till none are left. To celebrate, Ellena undoes Steve's pants and swoops to suck at his cock. Wrapping her fingers round his shaft, her tongue works its way towards his balls. With her red dress bunched up around her waist, Ellena lowers herself onto Steve's manhood. She bangs and grinds against his nuts. Flopping onto her back, Ellena is filled missionary. Turning onto all fours, her boobs sway as first her pussy, then her arse, is fucked. Steve finishes the scene jerking his jizz onto Ellena's tits.

Hot Cage Girls Strike Back
Isabella and Kiesha are caged up in a dark dungeon. Jay is locked up at the other side of the room. They have an idea. Attracting the guard's attention, the girls make a grab for his gun. A hail of bullets fly, leaving the three to escape. Running through empty rooms, the girls find an old sofa. With Jay in tow they might as well use it. The pair start wanking on Jay's cock. With Kiesha licking her pussy, Isabella feasts on man meat. The girls swap places as they climb over the sofa. Isabella slides herself down Jay's shaft. Kiesha then takes her turn riding. The girls lick and tug at each other as Jay bangs away. A belt of bullets dangling across her shoulder, Isabella drops on to all fours. Kiesha smears her snatch over Jay's face. Some finger fucking from Jay gets both girls dripping wet. Bent over, Isabella guides Jay's cock into her arse. The two girls crouch as Jay jerks his jizz into their mouths.

Road Warriors
Screeching round a corner, Lolly hangs out of a car to fight a guy on the roof. Michelle turns into some industrial units and the leather and PVC clad pair sprint across the open ground, firing as they run. Diving through an open door, the girls fall onto an old seat cushion. It's too good an opportunity to miss. Unzipping Michelle's black PVC suit, Lolly bites at her boobs, leaving lipstick rings around her nipples. Michelle runs her hands over Lolly's body. Reaching Lolly's panties, Michelle pulls them aside and chews at her pussy lips. Pulling Michelle's zip further down, Lolly's tongue probes at her pussy and arse. Her fingers work their way between her legs. Michelle finds a shiny black rod to use on Lolly. She cries out for more as it's thrust in deep. Climbing onto a low iron girder, Lolly bounces and writhes on the toy. Lying Michelle back, Lolly produces a large red vibe and plunges it into her pussy. Licking at the toy, Lolly twists and screws it into Michelle. Teasing her clit, Lolly jabs the vibe into Michelle. Her face contorts with pleasure. The two girls fall to the concrete floor and kiss.

Girls With Guns 2 may be full of bangs and blood, but in this 'cartoon' type action only the bad guys get shot. Bullets spent, the girls get down to some hot, steamy sex. And none are hotter or steamier than Lolly and Michelle in the last scene. With good special effects and directing, Dick Bush and the Relish team have produced an entertaining movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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