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Released: 2009
Notes: Bluebird Films
Alternate Titles
  • Girls From Prague Volume 1
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 112 mins.

The Brits Alexis May and Jodie James find themselves in the Czech capital alongside Natali di Angelo, Candy Cat, Carla Cox, Sarah Blue and Victoria Rose, as visions in red in this Bluebird production Girls from Prague.

The first of the six scenes starts with Lucky, clad in scarlet chiffon, entering a room with a bowl of strawberries for two boys. She is followed in by a blonde Alexis in a sexy red silk dress. Settling down on the sofa, the girls feed Dillon and Thomas with fruit. The boys would rather nibble at the girls' boobs. With their cocks out, Alexis and Lucky suck and wank. Thomas tries to push berries past Lucky's panties. Beside her, Alexis traps Dillon's dick in her cleavage and licks. Lifting her dress, Alexis lies back. Dillion thrusts in deep between her stocking clad legs. Lucky slips Thomas past her knickers and rides him cowgirl. Both girls turn to kneel on the sofa. The boys bang in, doggy. The pairings change. Alexis sits on Thomas's lap letting him play with her swinging boobs. Dillon adds his dick to her arse as she bounces. With Lucky popping fruit into Alexis' mouth, she's DP'd, reverse. The guys add their cream to the berries.

Jodie and Natalie's tongues mingle as they kiss. Their hands explore each other's bodies. Easing boobs out of red tops, the two bite and lick. Micky, in a red suit matching the girls' outfits, stands. The girls release his cock and take turns teasing their tonsils with it. Dropping to all fours, Jodie lets Natalie lick her arse while Micky thrusts in from behind. Natalie moves to mount Micky, easing his manhood into her pussy. Jodie strokes her clit as she rides. The girls swap. Jodie climbs on the cock, cowgirl, and eases a finger into her bum. Micky pushes his prick hard into Jodie's bum. Natalie laps at the pair as they fuck. Lying back, Jodie opens her legs for more anal action. Natalie drips wax from a red candle onto her boobs as she's banged. Sitting up, Micky cums in the girls' mouths.

The eight girls in the film look stunning and sexy in their scarlet attire. The overall impression from the film is good, with well shot scenes that are nicely paced. I therefore cannot understand why the director doesn't want to take credit for his work in the titles or on the DVD cover. With Alexis and Jodie both being hot and naughty, Girls from Prague is a film worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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