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Released: 2009
Director: Macondo
Notes: Television X / Macondo Production
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Running time: 133 mins.

Feral girls Havana and Lala are on the prowl and no one is safe while this hardcore duo hunt for cock. Over five scenes, the pair pick up unsuspecting guys from off the streets and subject them to a sexual ordeal they will never forget.

The first to be grabbed is Ian. He's taped and gagged and taken off to the girls' hide out. Thrown on the floor, the two rive at his jeans. Dick in mouth, the pair force each other's heads down on his length. Yanking the tape from Ian's mouth, Havana presses her pussy into his face. She wants him to lick. Holding his cock erect, Lala gets Havana to slam down on his shaft. Stripped to her boots and belt, Lala climbs on to his cheb. Pinning him to the ground, the girls switch between hammering Ian's cock and filling themselves with vibes. Lala crams her toy into Ian's mouth and slips up and down on the shiny rod. Allowed on to his side, Ian fucks the girls spoons. The pair then kneel to be taken doggy. A final session of riding and he shoots his load over Lala's pussy. Havana laps at the cream. Ian is left in the dark.

Good Samaritan George is the girls' next victim. Stopping to help them load their van, he's bundled into the back and whisked away. Bound with blue cord, George awakes on a black leather sofa. Havana and Lala sit on the arms, rubbing their boots against his crotch. Trousers down, the two jerk away on his cock and cram their vibrators into his mouth. Out of her skin tight silver shorts, Lala rides reverse and smears her wet snatch over George's face. Havana takes over, mounting his dick. Bent over the arm of the sofa, Lala is entered from behind. George lets go over her bum. Havana wants some of George's load and bounces on his prick till he shoots a second and a third time. His balls drained, they discard him.

Walking down a narrow alley, Diether is stopped by the girls for a light. Overpowered by the pair, he finds himself in their basement lair. With a baseball bat held against his throat, Diether is stripped. They get to work, sucking his cock. Taking her tits out from her shiny red top, Lala thrusts them into Diether's face. Havana occupies herself, banging down on his cock. Swapping places, Diether is forced to swallow the girls' toys, then tongue at Havana's pussy. With chains dangling from belts, the girls ride him. Piling up some cushions, Lala drops on all fours to be taken doggy. Havana also tries out Diether's cock down on her hands and knees. Spoons and missionary are followed by Diether showering Havana with his spunk.

Seeing the girls with their heads under the bonnet of their 4x4, Jay stops to find out what's gone wrong. A bad move on his part as next thing he knows he's chained up in a cage with the pair pulling at his pants. Wrapping their fingers round Jay's meat, the girls suck and swallow. Denim skirt on the floor, Havana guides his shaft between her legs. Lala cracks a whip as she rides. Out of her red one piece, Lala moves Havana aside to get at his cock. The girls lap away at the juice covered dick and part their pussies for more penetration. Steadying themselves against the mesh of the cage, the two slam down on Jay's dick. Havana tongues her way up Lala's thighs as Jay stuffs her from behind. Legs spread wide, Jay thrusts into the pair. Lala roles on to her side as Jay gets ready to cum. Her bum is coated with his cream.

Driving round the streets, the girls spot their next target. Jordan doesn't know what's happened till he finds himself at their den. Stretched out on the pool table, the pair tell Jordan he is to be used and abused. They start by tugging at his cock. Once it's nice and stiff they feed it past their tonsils. Crouching in lace up boots, Havana lowers herself onto Jordan's dick. Lala restrains him with a pool cue and makes him bite her tits. Climbing off, Havana tastes her handiwork then allows Lala to fill herself with prick. Lying on the edge of the table, both girls are shagged spoons. Havana rolls onto her stomach to be fucked doggy. Thundering into Lala's pussy, Jordan's body stiffens. He squirts his spunk over her back.

Dark, moody and menacing, Girlz With Attitude covers the rougher side of sex, featuring two girls who will stop at nothing to get what they want. With only Havana and Lala appearing and each scene following the same basic format, the action does get a little repetitive even with the girls' great performances. If you want a film where the girls dominate, then Girlz With Attitude should do nicely... if only taking in just a couple of scenes at a time, perhaps.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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