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Released: 2010
Director: Pete Stevens
Notes: Film Erotica
Alternate Titles
  • Garden Of Eden Dir. D. Kingdom Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 86 mins.

Released in 2010, Garden of England is an early work from Film Erotica and suffers from some of the problems with production, plot and continuity which marred their first films. The story revolves around Renee and Crystal who turn up at their holiday retreat with boyfriends Dougie and Lee, only to find the cottage already occupied by Angel and Suzie. As there has obviously been a problem with the booking, the six decide to stay together.

Renee and Lee set off to the shops to buy provisions for the week. Out of sight of the cottage, they pull up in the car for a little sex. The jerky camera follows Renee as she gives Lee a blow job in the cramped back seat. Shuffling round, she manages to sit on his staff. With no explanation, the pair next bang away spoons in the bedroom. With a series of badly made edits, the two jump from position to position, ending with Renee filling her mouth with Lee's cum.

Sitting in the kitchen, Crystal and Dougie want to spice up their breakfast with a little sex in place of the usual cereal. Suzie watches through the window as Crystal swallows his cock and laps at his balls. Stripped to her floral panties, she lays back on the kitchen table. Dougie licks his way up between her legs. The two 69 before Crystal lowers herself onto his length and rides reverse. The couple twist round and Dougie thrusts his dick deep into Crystal's pussy. The session ends with a facial and Suzie disappearing from the window.

Out in the garden, Suzie meets up with Dougie and immediately wanks and sucks his dick. In a very short scene, he soon shoots his load over Suzie's face.

Dashing into the bedroom, Suzie can't wait to tell Angel about what she's just seen. Her description gets the two feeling horny. Kissing, their hands explore each other's bodies. Angel moves in to bite at Suzie's boobs. Pulling at Angel's panties, Suzie buries her face and licks. The pair rub and paw at each other's pussies and clits.

The six gather round to play a game of dare. Spinning the bottle, Angel ends up with Dougie. Caressing his cock, Crystal joins the pair while, in the background, Suzie plays with Renee. Tongues lick and flick over pussies and dicks as the six have fun. Suzie slips herself onto Dougie's cock to ride him reverse. The boys sit side-by-side on the floor and let each girl in turn mount their chebs. Suzie even tries one of the pair in her arse. The lads shower the girls' faces with their loads.

Crystal meets Lee at the top of the stairs and the two disappear into a bedroom. Down on her knees, she tugs at Lee's trousers and wraps her lips around his length. Falling forward onto all fours, Crystal lifts her skirt to be taken doggy. As the two bang away, Angel and Suzie enter the room. Not wanting to break up the action, the duo indulge in a little girl-on-girl activity. but the sight of Lee's dick is too much for them. Joining Crystal, the three lick at his prick. Suzie lies on the bed to be shagged spoons and Angel eases the cock into her arse.

With Angel, Renee and Suzie aboard, you'd expect a lot from Gardens of England. Unfortunately, it doesn't deliver. Perhaps the best thing about the movie is the vivid green box cover. This is a poor effort from Film Erotica.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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