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Released: 2010
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
Alternate Titles
  • Whore House
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 146 mins.

For most passers-by this house is just a large, detached, suburban dwelling of the type that can be found in the respectable parts of any town or city. But for those women who are 'in the know' as to what lies behind the manicured lawns and white painted walls of this villa, it's a place to fulfil their fantasies and sexual desires: a house to release the whore within themselves.

Unable to be satisfied by her husband, Kirsty Lust has a craving for sex which only four guys can satiate.

Carla Cox has special needs and complex desires which only George can provide.

American business woman Breanna Benson has power and success and is used to getting her own way. She uses the Whore House to be dominated by her partner.

Arriving on the back of a motor bike, Adrianna Rossi wants to explore both sides of her sexuality and feel the soft touch of another woman's body. Entering the kitchen she finds Alexa on her knees, her mouth engulfing John's cheb. Slipping off her jacket, Adrianna joins Alexa on the floor and starts to lick. Knickers off, the girls balance on two high kitchen stools and kiss. John laps at their bums and squeezes his cock into the seated Alexa. John moves to Adrianna. He spins her round and she spreads her legs. Alexa guides in his dick and tongues at the bonking couple. John returns to Alexa, easing his prick into her arse. Pushing her boobs into Alexa's face, Adrianna reaches to finger her pussy. With the two girls lying on top of each other, John darts from snatch to snatch. Alexa needs more though and gets her bum stuffed. Crouching with their mouths open, the girls catch John's cum. They share a spunk swapping kiss.

Some women find their visits addictive. In a mesh top, short red skirt and platform shoes, Breanna has a regular entry in her diary.

In Whore House, Gazzman has managed to merge the sensual with hard action and come up with another great film. The girls look glamorous, the styling is spot on and the performances are sizzling hot. Whore House is one to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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