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Released: 2011
Notes: Bluebird Films
Alternate Titles
  • Lady Days
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 136 mins.

When her great uncle dies, Gemma Massey inherits his title to become Lady Massey of Fluckingham. Over five scenes and with a host of friends, Gemma celebrates her new found status with lots of girl-on-girl action.

Gemma's first stop is the pub where she tells the girls about her good fortune. To celebrate she indulges in some serious toy play and muff munching with Tammie Lee, while Chelsea Sax and Jess stand around like two ornaments, occasionally flashing their boobs.

To compliment her newly acquired title, Gemma also needs a coat of arms. She pops round to see heraldic expert Anna Lovato, taking along Alyson McKenzie and Jenny Laird. Gemma wants her arms to reflect her major interests - pussies and rabbits! Anna thinks that it's cute and wants her pets to be on Gemma's heraldic shield. Dropping her knickers, Gemma explains exactly what sort of pussies and rabbits she's thinking of. Anna gets the the picture and joins in. With the two girls sucking and licking on the sofa, Alyson and Jenny strip out of their pantomime style military uniforms and caress each other.

Old aristocracy Michelle Thorne sits in the garden with her guests, Lee-Anne Rigley and Sammy-Jayne. She thinks that the newly Lady Massey is lowering the tone of the peerage. Calling over maid Lou Lou, Michelle orders her to drop her panties and proceeds to run her tongue over the servant's pussy. Lee-Ann and Sammy-Jayne strip and fondle each other as Michelle fingers and tongues her maid. Opening her legs, Michelle instructs Lou Lou to lick her snatch and bring her to a climax.

In charge of security for the big day, Linsey Dawn McKenzie is sitting at her desk making arrangements when Swedish Ambassador Kate Hunter and police woman Leila Bee arrive. Before they can go any further Linsey Dawn needs to frisk them for concealed weapons using her super sensitive tongue. After much probing and prodding of their pussies, Linsey Dawn drops her own knickers to be checked over. All three sit on the desk and finger themselves to orgasm.

Wearing a white wig and sporting a beauty spot, Gemma looks as if she's arrived from the 18th century as she enters the dungeons in her stately home. She is met by Antonia Deona and Cindy Behr. The three start to kiss. Suddenly two black caped vampires rush in. Natasha Marley and Jasmine Black let their cloaks fall to the floor and join in the kissing. Sitting on a throne, legs akimbo, Gemma permits her subjects to lick her pussy. Toys appear and the scene becomes a five girl orgy.

When Bluebird can't even get the names on the opening titles and closing credits correct, you do have to wonder about the degree of care taken in the production of Gemma Massey's Lady Days. Unfortunately, as with the titles, the plot and styling of the film are a shambles. The cast look as if they've simply walked through the costume department grabbing the most ridiculous attire available, while the only link between the disparate scenes on offer is Gemma insisting that she is 'A Lady'. The film does have some plus points, with strong performances from Michelle Thorne and Tammie Lee. But with sixteen other girls appearing you have to ask the question, why were half the girls there? Gemma Massey's Lady Days is a surreal experience.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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