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Released: 1991
Director: Remington Steel
Notes: SYC
Notes and Reviews

Credits: Charmaine Sinclair, Misty McCaine, Shuree Bengal, Paula Cream (Nicky Pearce), Annika Kean, Sarah Monats, Beata Bitvai. Deborah Wells who joins a Charmaine Sinclair M/F scene must be Sarah Monats. Terry Blight, Karl Gents, Christophe Clark.

  • Intro
  • Randy Rimmers - brunette with sharp nose - solo action. "Sammy" (Louise Pyke) solo action
  • Pissing Paula - Nicky Pearce solo and with men, in bath, taking their piss in her mouth, pissing on a man
  • Long series of short clips including: brunette, blondes, Misty McCaine, asian, sharp-nosed brunette takes facial, anonymous genitalia, blowjob (possibly Nicky Pearce), pissing, blonde in hat and sunglasses with two men, blonde with pigtails and man (Michelle Collins), brunette solo and with man, Misty McCaine, Shuree Bengal and man. Deborah Wells and Christophe Clark, Sharon Kane, Charmaine Sinclair and male, Misty McCaine facial, anon dildo DP
  • Misty McCaine and Shuree Bengal les. Then with Karl Gent at pool table. Facials
  • Love Story - Deborah Wells solo and with Christophe Clark
  • Intercut clips - Louise Pyke and male, two brunettes, fisting, fetish, blondes, Nicky Pearce pissing on Misty McCaine
  • Randy Repairs - Charmaine Sinclair and an electrician, joined by Deborah Wells near the end of the scene
  • Dirty Builders - Louise Pyke and two men
  • Report on Soho - brunette "prostitute" with man in car
  • Dick Nasty and grey-haired woman

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