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Director: Remington Steel
Notes: SYC, included on Sarah and Friends 3, early 1990s
Notes and Reviews

Your Choice: Misty McCaine, Paula Cream, Tara Walsh, Sarah Gorden, Karen Basinger, Jane Goodchild, Donna Tyson, Suzy Sharp, Claire Green
Actual cast: Sharon Brady, Nicky Pearce, Misty McCaine, unidentified British brunette (largeish nose), Gillian, brief glimpse of Karen Watson, Donna Mead, Vida Garman, Rosemary, Claire Green

  • Various models in intro - (these ID'd from Sarah and Friends 3) Louise Pyke on a bed in a scene not otherwise found in HC 1 to 6 or Euroticon 2 to 4 and cavorting with other people by a pool, Claire Green with two men on a dinghy, also not otherwise found ditto, a blonde giving head in a tight blue dress while lying on a lounger - the maid in Hard Cut 6 - Donna Mead, a blonde and three men by a pool, possibly Louise Pyke, the older blonde Brit from Hard Cut 5 with two men
  • Blonde in shower. (Sharon Brady)
  • Nicky Pearce contorts herself so that she can piss into her own mouth
  • "Sauna Time". Misty McCaine and Nicky Pearce lez while a thin British receptionist (looks like Janey Lamb) greets a male arrival and show him into the shower, drying him off before taking him to join Misty and Nicky. Both do anal and joint facial
  • Bizarre report preview
  • A multiple sequence, partially intercut: Blonde on sun lounger in blue lingerie (Gillian), dreams of sex with black male and others. Sharon Brady facial sequence. Dark-haired brunette (Karen Watson) anal and face only lying down. Unidentified light brown haired female reverse cowgirl by pool (Louise Pyke?), face part obscured by palm fronds. A third blonde on sun lounger taking facial from two white men
  • Four girls and one man in loin cloths Tarzan style collecting wood. One is Vida Garman but she soon disappears leaving Claire Green to have a sex scene with Christoph Clark and Nicky Pearce to have lez scene with girl in garish red wig (Rosemary)
  • Bizarre report with ugly SM swinger

(in Sarah and Friends 3 which includes Hard Cut 4 en masse, there is then a series of fragments of Misty McCaine, Nicky Pearce, Sharon Brady, a Louise Pyke facial, Karen Watson etc. - I may have missed these from the notes on HC4)

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