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Director: Remington Steel
Notes: SYC, included on Sarah and Friends 6. early 1990s
Notes and Reviews

Cast credits: Charmaine Sinclair, Misty McCaine, Tiffany Keish, Paula Cream (Nicky Pearce), Claire Green, Karin Basinger, Donna Mead.
Actual cast: Carolyn Hudson, Sharon Brady, unidentified brunette frizzy hair, Misty McCaine, Gillian, Jay Sweet, Nicky Pearce (brief glimpse)

  • Intro - Carolyn Hudson in red lingerie, unidentified frizzy-haired brunette, Sharon Brady and Misty McCaine, Carolyn Hudson again, SB & MMC again, CH, unidentified, CH
  • Gillian and Karl Gent in garden, anal
  • Sharon Brady, Misty McCaine and Chris News on the dinner table
  • Jay Sweet in front of a mirror
  • Claire Green and Christophe Clark (Nicky Pearce is seen briefly throwing a beach ball to Claire Green and another female)
  • Amateur Casting Couch - (one omitted from this list), brunette with large tits solo, skinhead and male, Rani and her coke bottle, oriental and male, brunette looks like Dawn Phoenix but tits not nearly as big, blonde and male, plain brunette
  • Maid with two men - accent wavers between mild Irish, mild Scandinavian and mild American (Donna Mead)
  • Charmaine Sinclair in fantasy sequence with waiter

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