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Released: 1988
Director: John T. Bone
Notes: Caballero
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Running time: 73 mins.

The Hardcore Cafe is an Anglo-American production shot in Germany in the late 1980s. Alongside the British trio of Georgina Day, Molly O'Brian and Sarah Williams it features the American stars Misty Regan, Tracey Adams, Jeannie Pepper and a very young looking Tom Byron.

The film is set around The Hardcore Cafe run by Misty where you can pop in for a pie, a pint and a live sex show. First on the stage is Molly O'Brian with an actor, both inexplicably done up in German national dress. Molly lies across a bale of straw in the middle of the stage, lifting her dress and multiple layers of petticoats to let him lick her pussy. As he sucks she slips out her tits and squeezes them together. Sitting up, Molly tugs at his leather lederhosen, taking his cock deep in her mouth. The audience sip at their glasses while Molly is banged missionary, then, holding her boobs, she bounces reverse cowgirl. He cums on Molly's tits as the sprinkler system starts. Soaked, the pair leave to the sound of applause.

The next act has Molly and Sarah Williams dressed as nurses giving a guy who looks as if he was one of the Bee Gee's an oral examination. The girls strip and take turns to ride his cock. The nurses 69, the guy walking round the two jabbing his prick into their pussies. Shagging Sarah spoons, Molly forces her fanny in his face. A little tit licking from the three and he jerks off over the girls.

Tourists Georgina Day and Nigel Worthington meet an American couple, Tracey Adams and Tom Byron, and the four pop into the cafe. They can't believe what they see as Jeannie Pepper puts on a show. Misty Regan takes Tracey off for a little girl on girl action and explains how the cafe gets its acts.

Georgina and Nigel are persuaded to join in the show. They head off to get ready. Georgina is led onto the stage by three monks and lifted onto an altar. The three drop their habits - it's Molly, Sarah and Nigel. Flat on her back, Georgina's pussy is filled by Nigel as the girls suck at her tits. The first guy joins the group on stage, taking Molly doggy. Sarah, not wanting to be left out, gets her pussy licked. Nigel fires over the girls.

The film shows just how things have progressed over the last 20 years or so. All the scenes are short, no more than 10 minutes, the sets look as if they were made of cardboard and the plot is feeble, but there's something about the naive nature of the film which make it watchable. If your into big perms and shoulder pads, The Hardcore Cafe is for you.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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