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Released: 1989
Director: John T. Bone
Notes: Caballero
Notes and Reviews
  • Molly O'Brien masturbating by the side of the pool in front of Mike Horner. She gives him a blow job and is spied on by a man with a camera. She is fucked doggy style and he cums over her belly.
  • Molly in the cinema masturbating. This sets off a couple sitting behind her to have sex and the man encourages his girlfriend to give a blow job to another man watching. This turns into a threesome. Spied on.
  • Molly and Megan Leigh, lesbian scene. Spied on.
  • A brunette and male have sex, Molly watches and wanks. Spied on.
  • Mike Horner and Megan Leigh.
  • Molly turns out to be the wife of a senator and is blackmailed with the photos. She has sex with the blackmailer in the back of a limousine, protesting at first.

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