< Horny Housewives 7

Director: Remington Steel
Notes: Private
Notes and Reviews

Directed by Remington Steel

  • Sarah (Ann McCormick), young blonde (Jade of Ben Dover's Dirty Blondes - she has rings on the first three fingers of her left hand - thick silver, thick gold and thin, and does not have perfectly aligned teeth). Supposedly has asked two men around to fix her boiler - and her. One is Chris News. Anal from both men, no facial
  • Jackie, a brunettte-ish woman (possibly Jacqueline from Big Willy - Rein Muss Er Doch) and two builders, one of whom is Karl Gent, the other looks like the foxy-looking chap in the Hard cut videos). Two facials
  • Lesley (possibly Lesley Saye) who wants to be fucked by her husband and another man at the same time. Karl Gent obliges. Anal, facial
  • Lianne Young arrives just as they are packing up their gear but persuades them to give her an audition. Karl Gent, facial

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