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Released: 2001
Notes and Reviews

One-Eyed Jack, released by Your Choice

  • Terry and John drive along the M4 to the home of Michelle Thorne and Pete. Looking through the letter box, they get a fine view of Michelle's bum as she stands at the kitchen counter with her slip pulled up. They knock, she invites them in and calls Pete from upstairs. He shows them his collection of her magazine appearances. They film Michelle (post boob-job) and Pete having sex in the kitchen - on the draining board and on the floor. Terry has to dash upstairs for a pee and when he returns they have moved to the garden shed where Michelle is fucked while sitting in some sort of swing harness. Finally Pete cums over her arse.
  • Claire Brown gets up to nude antics in the back of the car including leaning over to the front seat and sucking Terry's cock (John Mason is driving). They arrive at La Chambre (some sort of hotel?) in some derelict part of town where they meet Tracy Tuck, a mature-ish blonde, and another male. Lesbian actioned is followed by a foursome with cumshots over tits. Then they swap partners so that Terry fucks Tracy. Then Tracy disappears and Claire takes on the three men on a bed but only two at a time as someone has to hold the camera. This includes anal and DP both ways with one facial.
  • Jan Burton and her partner are filmed having sex on a bed by Terry. Cumshot over tits and a short second go.
  • Claire Astbury performs the usual stuff in the back of the car driving into the country. She then takes on two men in the car park of some rural beauty spot, at first half in and half out of the car and then over the bonnet until they have to beat a hasty retreat when a family arrives in their car. They then adjourn to a house and continue on a bed - anal, two facials.
  • Barbara Pataki (formerly Barbara [2]) - the usual stuff in the car but with a bj on the motorway hard shoulder. They then arrive at Mark's flat and there is an mmf scene with Mark and Terry including anal, DP and facials.
  • Shakina (her blonde look) and Claire Brown in the back of the car on the way to Claire's birthday party - lesbian action and Claire wears a strap-on to fuck Shakina. They arrive at some house and discover the other guests have begun without them and Jan Burton is having sex with her partner while Nicky [3] is having it away with Steve Hooper. A woman called Leigh takes over the camera so that Claire, Shakina, Terry and John can join in and an orgy ensues which is too complex to describe in detail, though Jan Burton remains with her partner throughout. Claire has anal sex and Shakina takes a facial.

It's good to see One-Eyed Jack stuff becoming easily available like this with proper credits and editing. Short clips from Volume 2 are shown in a trailer at the end and we can look forward to Rebecca Lee and Violet Storm among others.

The DVD, an excellent conversion, contains trailers of the first series of Your Choice One-Eyed Jack films and extras for each girl consisting of the filming of the stills photoshoot for each scene.

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