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  • Scene 1 has a blonde (she is on one of the Sex and Fun mit Harry tapes, she's the one who replies "Yes Sirrr!" to everything Harry asks her. Small red heart tattoo on left shoulder). She is interviewed by a Scotsman with hair who then tosses (a coin!!!) with a bald Scotsman (McCavity?) and McCavity? wins and proceeds to mess with the blonde. At one point he tries to get it up her arse and she protests "I didn't think we was doing that". The bold McCavity? pretends not to hear her but eventually acts the gentleman and desists. Scene ends with a face full for the blonde.
  • Scene 2. More Scotsmen - this time the thin faced one from "Dreams of Pamela" with a blonde and the "wee Scots lass" (Mandy) from the Ben Dover scene with Tiffany Walker. Lots of vibrator action and licking before they both get shagged.
  • Scene 3. Very attractive brunette (Kerry Harris, slight foreign accent) seen walking through town and eventually to park bench where she reads a letter. Then on to address given in the letter. Straight on to bed with 2 men. Slowly stripped. Unedited camera work. Irritating directions from cameraman (it must be McCavity!!!!) who is obsessed with moaning about every move the two men make. Combination of soft and hard core sequences at his direction combined with his awful camera work make this the biggest missed opportunity ever because the girl is gorgeous, enthusiastic and obviously up for it.

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