< Hardcore Gang Bang R18

Notes and Reviews

A gang bang arranged by The Sport where Layla~Jade gives some of their readers a very good time. She does a dirty talking intro then we cut straight to the action. Of necessity in this sort of event, condoms are used, but anal and an attempt at a DP are included and there are cumshots over her bum and tits.

This is not bad as such films go - better in some ways than Marina's Gang Bang, though fewer participants. However, I think those who plan a video of such events should remember that they are not going to be using professional studs and that this will affect the nature of the resulting film. This should be accepted and they should concentrate more on the build up, the eroticism of the fact that the male porn fan's ultimate fantasy is going to be realised, because the action will inevitably not be as good to watch as that in a video with professional studs. More tease, build up and foreplay are good in any porn, but they are essential in this type of video.

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