< Heisse Titten: scharfe Schwänze

Released: 1992
Director: Harry S. Morgan
Notes: Videorama, Teeny Exzess 18
Alternate Titles
  • Horny Tits: Cumshot Pricks
Notes and Reviews

German sound.

  • Beatrice Melon and Yves Baillat in a car.
  • Jay Sweet seems to use her body to get a job with Yves' domestic service firm - foot job, bj, brief fuck.
  • Beatrice and Nicky Pearce complain to Yves - flashback Yves and Nicky m/f in bath together.
  • On a cleaning job Jay finds a man in the bath, gives him an enema and wanks him off into the bath.
  • Beatrice does the ironing for a man who gets dressed in lingerie. She gives him a bj, he fucks her and cums over her tits.
  • All three girls go to wash a man's car. He is inside wanking while they get soaked and soapy and topless.
  • Yves and Agnes Rondo fuck in the office. He cums over her bum, pisses over it and apparently sprays it as far as her mouth (possibly faked).

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