< Health Farm

Director: John Lindsay
Notes: loop, Taboo, A Karl Ordinez Production, 22 mins. 1970s
Notes and Reviews

22 minutes

Another ambitious effort along the lines of Sexangle and a sequel to it. Lady Samantha (Debbie [10]) arrives at the health farm and is shown round. She visits an aerobics class in progress with three girls in yellow leotards (the blonde NK0423, and brunettes Danielle and NK0579). There is a lot of intercutting involved and meanwhile another client, redhead Pauline [4], seduces a male attendant. Lady Samantha sits by the pool chatting to Suzy Mandel (who takes no part in the action) and the aerobics class breaks up and the two brunettes go off and have a lesbian session. The blonde has a go on the exercise bike and then has a massage which turns into a b/g session. Lady Samantha gets bored and jumps fully-clothed into the pool, gets out and goes into a changing room where she has sex with a male attendant. The lesbian session breaks up and NK0579 walks in on the blonde and her bloke for a threesome, after the blonde has given the bloke a titty-fuck.

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