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Released: 2001
Director: Jack Vincennes
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 85 mins.

Hell House is a psychological sex thriller with a twist in the tail. Steven St Croix leads four guys and four girls into a derelict hospital where a Doctor went mad with an axe. Is the place haunted and what happened? The answer is a lot of sex.

Layla~Jade is the spirit of a slain patient whom Steven finds in the corridor and he is soon under her spell. She takes his cock in her mouth before being well and truly fucked, Layla~Jade's tits circle round and round as she rides Steven's dick. It's then on her back to take Steven deep in her pussy before he finishes with a fountain of spunk over her body.

With five other girls and four guys there is plenty of sex throughout the film. As for the twist at the end ... not telling.

It's nice to see a British star in American plot-based movies and in Hell House Layla~Jade proves she is every bit as good as her Yankee cousins. The only disappointing bit is that she is only in one scene.

If you like story based sex give it a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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