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Released: 2002
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: One-Eyed Jack, Your Choice
Notes and Reviews

One Eyed Jack, Your Choice

  • It's always good to see Ashley Long in action, but this is a routine scene by the standards of those that follow. Ashley and Karl get straight down to it on a bed. He goes down on her, gets a blowjob, fucks her doggy-style, etc. They move downstairs and he gets a bj through the bannisters. On the couch they begin again and move on to missionary anal etc. Along the way Terry joins in, managing to film the proceedings at the same time, even when involved in DPs - both ways round (though I thought I saw the camera move for the reverse cowgirl, who can blame him for getting help if it did).
  • Scene 2 begins with Jirina calling Terry a bastard as she hadn't realised that he was serious about filming her and Karl at it on the train. Karl gets a blowjob and gropes her while she sits on his lap as they pull into Charing Cross. A male passenger nearby doesn't mind at all. They then meet Steve Hooper and get in a taxi where the high jinks continue. At the destination the cabby makes sure Terry gets his details so that he can get a copy of the tape - I hope he remembered. Inside Jirina takes on Karl and Steve on the couch and then upstairs on the bed. This includes reverse cowgirl anal from Karl then RC DP followed by A2M and a facial from Karl while she gives Steve a toe job. He cums over her toes and she manages to lick them afterwards.
  • Terry and Karianna Lee are discussing her coming debut while watching porn on the TV. This is a tape of Karl and busty blonde Donna (a European who is not listed) which includes doggy anal and facial.
  • Terry and Karianna get down to the audition. She displays herself for his camera and he gropes her, gets a blowjob, fucks her, including doggy anal and gives her a facial, all while wielding the camera to good effect.
  • Terry and Jazz are in the car. Terry talks to Lucy Law, a statuesque brunette, on the phone, telling her he is bringing her a present to her office. Summer is the receptionist and she shows them up to Lucy's office. Lucy unwraps herself then unwraps her present - Jazz. He then goes down on her while she sits in her chair and she then unwraps Terry's cock and sucks it. They move next door to the conference room and she spreads herself on the table for the action to continue, which it does. Her mobile rings and Terry fetches it so she can answer. It is Summer who is asked to come up to the office. She joins in. Lots of partner swapping follows before Terry cums across both their faces at once and gets them both in the eye. Jazz cums over Lucy's pussy and there is another facial for Summer followed by cum swapping.
  • Terry, Lee Henshaw and Karl drive to Sandie's place where Sandie Caine and Faye Rampton are waiting. The two girls and the two studs immediately pair off on the sofa, Faye with Lee and Sandie with Karl. Blowjobs and pussy licking are followed by fucking before there is an interruption. We don't see it, but someone has complained to the police about the goings on visible through the window from across the street. The cops just ask them to close the curtains! The action continues. Sandie does reverse cowgirl anal with Lee and Faye doggy anal with Karl, then reverse cowgirl and cowgirl DP, then Sandie gets a cowgirl DP. They then share a facial from Lee and then share one from Karl.

This is how gonzo should be, i.e. fun for all involved - producer, performers, viewers ... policemen, but the last only because it wasn't fun for the neighbours. Some people don't know when they're lucky.

A trailer for the next One-Eyed Jack release - Muff Riders - is included. This features Layla~Jade and Melissa Walker among others.

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