< Horny Bitches

Released: 2001
Director: Tanya Hansen
Notes: Pleasure Productions
Notes and Reviews

A series of sex scenes linked by Tanya Hansen.

There is a credit reference to 'Brooke Leigh', but this is assumed to be a mistaken credit for Leigh Brooke, who is not present.

  • Tanya Hansen, Georgette Neale, unidentified black male, g/g then b/g/g. Possibly faked facial for Tanya.
  • Amanda Dawkins and Marino, facial.
  • Rachel Sykes and Laura Thompson, g/g.
  • Freckled blonde, assumed to be Barbie and not a Brit, b/b/g.
  • Laura Turner (dressed as a Nurse) and Chris News (her patient) anal, facial.
  • Tanya Hansen solo, dildo, anal.

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