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Released: 2003
Director: Viv Thomas
Alternate Titles
  • 100% British Fuck Fest 1
  • 100% British Hardcore Fuck Fest DVD available Metro
Notes and Reviews

Studio: Viv Thomas. Running Time: 120 minutes (approx).

Female cast: Jenna, Alicia Rhodes, Sarah Daykin, Karina Clarke and Taylor Morgan (cast as Taylor J)

Male cast: Ian Tate (aka Dirty Dog), Neil, Simon, Tony and Pete Le Meat

Theme: Exactly what it says on the DVD cover. Six scenes of hardcore 1-on-1 boy/girl action over 2 hours.

The first scene begins with Ian and Jenna (who is dressed in rather attractive pink lingerie, an open purple see-through gown and gold heels) on the sofa. Ian is bored out of his mind with what's on the TV and Jenna says that there is something that they can do. They start with kissing (proper kissing, not the porn style kissing, i.e. tongue licking) and fondling each other through their clothes. Jenna starts the oral sex by giving Ian a BJ both on the couch and standing, then Ian returns the favour by taking off Jenna's gown and pulling down her panties while she goes on all fours on the sofa and Ian proceeds to rim and finger Jennaa. Next Jenna is on Ian in cowgirl (CG) rubbing his shaft with her pussy while he licks/sucks her nipples and soon the penetration is shown and the position stays briefly. Next the position changes to missionary (mish) with Jenna on the sofa; later it changes to doggy style and then to reverse cowgirl (RCG). The scene soon ends with a (partial) facial cumshot with a handjob from Jenna.

Scene 2 begins with Alicia Rhodes and Neil in bed (Alicia is dressed in only a nightie, no panties). Alicia wakes up then falls asleep again, but when Neil plays with Alicia's pussy while she sleeps, dreaming and moaning, she soon wakes up. After Alicia wakes up, Neil goes down on her while she plays with her nipples. Next Alicia is giving Neil a BJ and the sex begins with Alicia riding Neil CG and she does most of the work herself. Soon the position changes to RCG and again Alicia does the work and suddenly the position changes to spooning and soon to doggy-style and then to mish. The scene finishes with Neil cumming on Alicia's breasts while she rubs her breasts and pussy.

The third scene has Sarah Daykin and Simon in the kitchen. Sarah is making a cup of tea and Simon is really horny and the couple kiss each other while Sarah rubs Simon's cock through his boxers. Soon Simon pulls down Sarah's nightie and licks her right nipple then Sarah gives Simon a BJ for a couple of minutes. Next Simon strips Sarah down to just her stockings and suspenders and he sits her on the work surface and goes down on Sarah and fingers her while she rubs her breasts. The sex begins with standing doggy-style (with entry shown) and the position changes to mish with Sarah on the kitchen table and that soon changes to RCG with Sarah doing the work. Simon finishes off by giving Sarah a facial. There is no swallowing but there is post-cum head.

Scene 4 has Karina Clarke and Tony kissing and soon Tony removes Karina's negligee and licks her nipples. He then lays her on the bed and kisses her from her breasts down to her panties, which he promptly removes and goes down on Karina. Next Tony is on the bed and Karina returns the favour by giving Tony a handjob which soon becomes BJ. Karina is back on the bed now giving Tony a BJ while he fingers her and soon they go in to the 69 position with Karina on top. The sex begins with Karina mounting Tony RCG (with entry shown) and they go at it for a couple of minutes. The position then changes to a mutual position (a cross between mish and CG) and soon it changes to doggy style and soon to mish while Karina rests her feet on Tony's shoulders. To end Karina gives Tony a BJ and handjob which results in a facial. In my opinion this was the most energetic scene.

The fifth scene begins with Ian in a garage working on a car (which we soon realise belongs to Alicia Rhodes) and Alicia soon walks in wearing a sexy red dress and asks what the matter is with the car. Ian says that it will be costly, but Alicia is short of cash so offers to pay with sex (how original!) and they start to kiss. Alicia soon pulls down Ian's jeans and boxers and gives him a BJ with jerking and she asks about the discount and Ian wishes that all his female customers would pay with sex. Next Alicia is sitting on the bonnet of the car as Ian licks and fingers her pussy. Soon Alicia is on all fours on the bonnet of the car while Ian fingers her arse while she rubs her pussy. Alicia is out of her dress in the next shot as the sex starts in mish (with entry shown) with Alicia on the bonnet (again). The position changes to CG with Ian resting his back against the car while Alicia does the work. The next shot has them in RCG and again Alicia is doing the work. Fans of big breasts will like this part of the scene as the RCG position gives a really good shot of Alicia's tits bouncing. Ian says that she is still short of paying the repair bill so Alicia offers Ian anal sex to cover the cost, which he accepts. Ian enters Alicia's arse in standing doggy style and he pumps briefly then he pulls out to finger her arse. The scene finishes with a facial and Alicia spits the cum that went into her mouth on to her right tit and gives Ian some post-cum head. This was probably my favourite scene despite being slightly less energetic than the previous one.

The sixth and last scene has Taylor Morgan and Pete Le Meat. The scene immediately begins with Taylor and Pete kissing and as the camera zooms out, there are flashes of future events in the scene in black and white. Pete starts to suck Taylor's nipples while playing with her pussy. Next Pete pulls down his jeans and Taylor gives head while he fingers her pussy and arse. Pete then undresses Taylor down to just her skirt, stockings and suspenders and he licks and fingers her pussy. Soon Pete is lying on the armrests of the sofa while pumping Taylor (who is lying on the body of the sofa) in her mouth with his cock. The sex starts with mish and there is a P2M BJ from Taylor and after the BJ, Taylor mounts Pete CG and they go at it briefly and the position changes to RCG and then they get up to (sideways) standing doggy-style. Next it goes to doggy-style on the sofa and after a little while, Pete enters Taylor's arse with entry shown and he pumps briefly before the position changes to RCG anal with Pete fingering and rubbing Taylor's pussy. The position changes to Pete standing while Taylor is on her knees giving Pete a titwank then a handjob. Pete then jerks himself for a rather long time and finishes the scene by giving Taylor a facial (and Taylor gives post-cum head).

The extras include two trailers for Sex ANALyst and Teenage Seduction, ten front cover images for other Viv Thomas DVDs and a featurette that the cover says is behind-the-scenes footage, but it is footage of outtakes (with a very funny outtake between Pete and Taylor) rather than true behind the scenes footage where we get to meet the girls themselves.

The film is rather good and the scenes are well shot with the right balance of close-ups and full body shots. The music also helped intensify the sex scenes too. This was an enjoyable film and fans of Alicia Rhodes will like this film for the two scenes that she performed in.

Review by D-Man

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