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Released: 2002
Director: Kojo Black
Notes: Sweetmeats Productions
Notes and Reviews

New pupil Lydia Curran (Amanda Pickering) arrives at the Harward Academy of Music, a thirties-style house near the Sussex coast. The house appears deserted but she finds tutor, Ms Clement-Davis (Kellemarie), reading by the swimming pool. Lesson one for new girls is, it seems, lesbian sex, so Kellemarie first undresses for a dip in the pool then strips Amanda and we are treated to some nice underwater shots of this pairs slim bodies swimming in the pool. Apres-swim is a dose of vibrators on the poolside couch along with a red double-ender which is expertly hidden in their pussies.

Later, Jackie's (Teoni) cello playing attacts the attention of Professor Tannenbaum (Mark Stevens) who joins her and fucks her on the sofa. The action here is very naturalistic even though it includes anal in missionary. Both Teoni and Mark end up naked and he comes over her tits.

The next scene appears to be out of sequence as it depicts Teoni's arrival, when she meets Hilary (Karen Wood), the academy's only other cello player. The action cuts to Karen playing her cello in her room - naked. Karen puts down her bow and joins Teoni in the bath for some soapy finger fun.

Flautists Nicole (Jamie Woods) and Katie (Cassy) are practising under the gimlet eye of principal Samantha Harward (Lucy Law). Lucy decides Cassy is too tense and instructs the girls to undress each other. Then Lucy undresses and a threeway follows on the sofa which includes dildos and a strap-on fuck for Jamie from Lucy. Now satisfied and naked, the girls' flute playing reaches the exacting standards of the Academy.

After a hard morning's practice, Amanda meets Academy Principal Lucy for the first time. Lucy introduces Amanda to Emily (Alicia Rhodes) and Sadie (Liberty) who are already naked in the bedroom. Amanda is undressed by the pupils while Lucy removes her skirt and fingers herself while watching the threeway sex on the bed. Plenty of licking, kissing and relaxed dildo action before Lucy joins in for a fourway with plenty of dildo action and a double-ender with Alicia taking a DP.

Another nicely produced film from Sweetmeats with some very good girl-girl action. Teoni's bg scene, nice as it is, seems almost out of place. Good photography and really top quality post-production make this film a delight. Along with the other Sweetmeat titles it hides its quality beneath drab packaging, but it's a film Britporn fans should have in their collection. The well authored DVD has stills and scene selection, although I would prefer a few more reference points in each scene. The female narration is not too overwritten and so can be safely left on, while there is a music only option and the director's commentary. Although at times this latter option seems to be describing a Hollywood epic rather than Britporn, as when the production team work on the script at the director's Rhone Valley home. Even so the film must have had a reasonable budget as post-production editing and synching is very good.

Worth £20 of anyone's money.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2006

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